Adjusting the way of life

We always have this habit of “Adjusting” in our life, now for me its become an habit. Why is it, we need to “adjust” when we don’t have to ? Why are we forced to “adjust” ? When we don’t get what we want, we tell  ourselves to get adjusted with what we have, why isn’t we need what we want at the first place ? When i wish to have a pleasant drive from office to home, I wont get it, thanks to world Tamil meet which is scheduled in June, which is a big problem for everyone in Coimbatore.

There are lot(s) of things which are happening in Coimbatore now, the sole reason – World Tamil classical meet. let me give you my own example, with just one reason – the chain of events affecting my lifestyle. There are plenty of such things.

1. I don’t get enough sleep, forced to get up – Power cut for 3 hours ( 6 to 9 )

2. Consequence of 1st point – I cant cook food with my induction stove, so need to leave early so that i can finish my breakfast and reach office.

3. Consequence of 2nd pont – Since i need to eat outside, its unnecessary spending thanks to inflation 🙂

4. Consequence of 3rd point – Always need to keep an eye on my spending on other stuff, which i feel is also important.

5. Consequence of 4th point – Always leaves an impression that, why I am not able to spend on other stuffs ?

6. Consequence of 5h point – Same question repeats, why isn’t we get what we want at the first place.

Now tell me, is it fair to get adjusted with this power cut ? am I not paying the necessary taxes or current charges ? Then why I am forced to undergo such menace ? I don’t have a voice which can be loud enough or strong enough to reach the CM.

So the final answer is to shut up and get adjusted. It happens always… to be continued


I know life is a good teacher !

Oh my ! After long time, I am writing something here… its been a great and fruitful time for me visiting too many places in a short span of time. This part of my life is teaching me some great lessons, how to lead a life alone, how to survive in a new place, how to get along with a team, how to manage the work and lots more. Its indeed very tough to be alone, thats what I have understood after this,( ” Happiness is always  to be SHARED” with your loved ones.)

In ones life, everyone should or will pass this stage, they have to live alone far from their loved ones, either during their college days, or during their work ( which is the hectic one, I can say ! ) or at their end of their life ( this is more dangerous ).

In our work life, we keep thinking on how to balance the company’s balance sheet, asset – liability balancing, but we forget or ignore our own family balancing, life-work balancing which is the base for every strong building ( life ), most of our time (in 24 hours)  we spend in office ( which i think is too much ) 7-8 hrs is sufficient, but this never happen, when we are back home, if the family balancing is not good, how can we have a peaceful sleep ?

Oh god, is this a curse on humans ? why are we running behind this materialistic life ? why is now, money is more important than anything else ? Is money everything ? then where is love ? we often forget this ” we are here in this earth just for a while”  so why don’t we do which we like, why cant we stay with our loved ones, why we are always judged for our acts?

I would say only one thing, life is very short each minute counts, so being with your loved ones is more important !

Should I update on “Facebook” ?

I shouldn’t be saying all this, but sometimes I feel like writing it down somewhere and my first writing always happens here, should this be of any good I really don’t know since, we (myself and my close friend) had a very good reasoning and questioning on “Should we put our photos on “Facebook/Orkut” or should the status be updated in facebook,twitter ? Am I doing any justice on writing this on wordpress? Some questions are tough to answer, aren’t they ?

My question to my friend was this ” We tend to update our status in FB and Twitter regularly, are there any motive behind this ? Okay, we might update it for friends sake, then why not mail them or call them? Are we trying to be in lime light by updating only the best messages or the best things happening to ourselves? I rarely see any sad,dull or dejected messages…

We are so happy playing farmville, are we really interested in farming? We don’t find any good places when we are in our domicile, but when we go “Abroad” our album will be loaded with those places. Is this a method used to “Show-off” ? A person is forced to update his/her status if he/she is in the limelight, or else he/she will be questioned, same thing happens in blogging too, if we find some comments flowing, we are forced to write some thing, aren’t we ? 😀

This is really a great way to have some psychological problem, you will be dejected if you don’t find any friends or you will be dejected if you don’t get any comments or liking or blah blah.. this was my friends argument, and I really appreciate the way of thinking in this.. that’s really true, people’s mentality can change just by looking on your friends updates… for example: A person with great career will be boasting their life, and a person having some trouble with the career will find this little demotivating, since the later is no way lesser than the former. 60% holder will be called first class and 59.4 will be called second class… What a funny world 😀

Pleasant trip

Its been long time since I wrote anything in this space. Week after week, I was traveling. Its really a mind refreshment I can say, meeting different people, seeing new places, performing some new things ( for me it is 😀 ) wow, such a best way to spend time than merely sitting at home and watching TV 😀 I would strongly recommend one to visit Mantralaya, place where Sri Ragavendra’s Brindavan is situated. In Mantralaya, you will not be left alone, your thoughts will surround you with lots of new things, try it !!! The next place which I would recommend is Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, the universal temple. One could feel the difference when he/she sits inside the temple with silent mind.

We seldom understand the power of our silent mind, we can achieve anything and everything if we believe it. ” As one thinks, so does one become”- Sri Ramakrishna. Some small practices would def change one’s way of living and would bring an ocean of happiness to them.

If this simple thought is perceived with proper devotion, the whole world will have a new meaning of Life. ” Man/women find faults in others after bringing down his/her own mind to that level. Does anyone really lose anything by other’s criticism? The critic himself/herself suffers.”

Life is Love !! Share it !!

Yesterday morning we had a surprise guest at our home. When I woke up, and went to my kitchen for preparing my morning cup of boost, I heard a faint Meow Meow in the backyard. I realized it was a cry for help and immediately I went rushing towards it and found a cute little kitten stuck in between two huge flower pots. I tried to pull it out, but it was so scared it wasn’t allowing me to even touch it, so I pulled those pots to make a room for it to move or run. It was shivering from cold, so I kept milk and it regained some energy.

So now its ready to have its new home and new people 🙂 BTW, I am calling her as Ms. D right now, do you have any suggestions ?

So what is independence then ?

In my earlier post, I had some thoughts on Freedom. Do we need to be independent ? then for how long ? now this question hovers around my head. We feel and like to be independent, so that we can take our life of our own but we are always given more than we expect from our parents, even if we need to leave our place and move on with our career, its always parents take the lead and arrange all the stuffs for us, so does this means we don’t know how to do it or is it we yet to learn those stuffs?  Even on marriage, its parents decision on whom to marry. So, later down the line, they would still have some say on our life on how to respond on certain situations, and we would love to share our thoughts on new stuffs with them, say if we need to buy a house of our own we would ask their opinion. So what is Independence then ?

Now the major question which is haunting me is, if parents feel they want to be independent of their own, since we have accepted lot of their decisions in our life, they would always like to be of their own.  Now lets say their son and daughter move to a new place in search of career, now in return if son or daughter feels to have them with them, does that mean they aren’t allowing them to be independent ? The question doesn’t stop here, there is an unusual problem in our country, parents always think even if they need to be with their daughter or son, they would prefer to be with their son than daughter. why is that happens ? Why they feel when daughter gets married she now needs to be with their son in laws family, and she should constantly think about that family. Even when their daughter feels like to have them at her place, she is constantly blamed by her in laws, so where is the freedom then for her ?

My question doesn’t stop here. If parents wants to be independent and their children are no more with them, they are searching their career or got married, now parents feel they no longer need their house so they sell them and with the remaining cash they feel like settling down where ever they feel comfortable, even if its an old age home. Now the taboo in our culture is if parents are in the old age home then their children are cursed. What can a child do here ? If parents chooses to spend their days along with their same aged people with left over cash they have, and now for the society if we force them to stay with us, aren’t we coming in their way, their freedom ?

So when is the time we be independent ? is it when we become a parent ?

What is Freedom then ?

What is freedom? This question keeps haunting me always, actually I would tell we don’t enjoy the fullest freedom. This line just tells the truth of our lives “Man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants“. We have the power to achieve what we want, but we don’t dare to do it. Not convinced ? You may have great interest to go on a trekking today, suddenly you feel this urge to do, you know this will be the best thing to do today, your place is gifted with a good trekking spot, you have all the access to get to that place, well connected with train or bus,  now do you have this FREEDOM to go to that place today ? Now you see those obstacles coming in your way, No money to buy tickets or You don’t get your leave granted at your workplace or what should you tell to your family – any reason for this trekking ? Fine you have all the access now, got money, got leave and got your family convinced, now still there are so many obstacles coming on your way, though you belong to this mother earth you don’t have the freedom to move to any place you like, still confined to the book called as passport and visa.You need to tell to every damn guy coming on your way why are you going to this mountain, is this called freedom ?

You just feel like going and relaxing, but with this so called social entanglements we are bound to keep our interests to ourselves like a unfulfilled dream.