It is a kind of an achivement when you come to office everyday after travelling from your home. Isnt it??It is always a problem when we have to commute from one place to another, thanks to our over population of the vehicles (especially two-wheelers). We have to defenitely thank the mass marketing campaign of all the private banks who keep on promoting their Two – four wheeler loans.

Now-a-days anybody can own a Hyundai, Maruthi, pulsar or CBZ. It has become really affordable to people and they easily ride\drive however,whenever on the roads. This has led to extreme pollution as well as population of the vehicles. It is getting tougher each day to drive on the horrendous roads.

Government has to think on this and act really fast than just watching! They should provide wider roads where ever possible and make arrangements for those who are evicted from their places. Compensations have to be given at a real fast pace. Licences should be given after tough examination (people dont even have to drive, they can get their licenses easily nowa days!).Basic education on driving should happen, people should know the basics of driving. Now the biggest problem I see when driving is people don’t know how to drive when they are wearing their helmets. Helmet is not an accessory but a life saver.It is really sad to see people not wearing it.

God alone knows how there is ever going to be a mass education on driving, but I feel its a must..or atleast punishment should be tough( You know – if you want to kill anyone, just drive the lorry, and pay a fine of 3600 or 5000.. your case is solved! )

Be safe when you are driving!