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Journey to M’lore – part 1

Everything is ready now for me to leave. I finished packing my clothes and my mom is ready with her luggage. I am really excited about this vaccation, may be coz its beeeeeeeeen a very long time since I had been in a vacation mood. I really need a long break, but this trip is only for a week. Lucky enf to get leave for 3 days from my Company.

Already my cousins have planned what we are going to do there, BTW I dint mention why I am going to my native rte? Its for a marriage function in Mangalore. My cute lil sister is getting married. She is really cute and Charming, very silent in nature, never talks but when she does she keeps going on n on. Anyways, back to my trip. One of my cousin will be missing this marriage coz he is already out of his place and may be will be in Jaipur now with his school friends. My cute lil sister was very angry, but my bro managed :D. 

I feel such functions creates lots of things, for people like me its really a good time to relax and think something else apart from the same old topics. People like my mom, its really a good time to gossip 😛 and people like my cousins its really good time to have fun. There are other people like my aunts, who finds this the rte time to gossip on the colours/designs of the saree and necklace, whereas for my uncles this will be the best time to stay little far from thier wife 😀

Anyways, the worst part of this function for me will be getting up very early on the marriage day. Only then I can stand atleast 3rd or 4th in the “Q” for the shower. If i miss them, I will have to bare the embarresment of having shower at the last and rest all people already ready with their new dresses and waiting for me near the car door. Really that wil be the worst nightmare in my life, so i always get up early. 

Its so boring to sit in the train for 17 hours. I rem me going to Mumbai in train, it was worst, I think I was sitting there for more than 26 hours.. lucky I had an acquaintance, still it was boring. This time I dont want to kill time doing nothin, I am taking Dan brown’s Deception point along with me :D.

I am leaving tom and will be back next monday.. will come back and update rest of the story


some people!

People are really cruel in this world! Why do they think they are always the best, and no one else are equal to them? I feel really sad when such kind of people hold the senior post in the organisation. They always try to create a wall around them, thinking ” THEY ARE THE BEST” and also demotivate their collegues. Why do they do this? is that coz they are the Senior? they hold the “position”? or just to prove that they are always GREAT? 

When they need something, may be some kind of information they never try to get it of their own. They always want some people around them to do some kind of research and come out with those informations. It not ends there, they even look at those info and give a F***ing remark about it. What a cruel world is this, even though the research was about complete new subject to the researcher.

Combat Terrorism

 How can we tackle terrorism? A quick look at the European scenario:

counter-terrorism laws: European laws make it easy to arrest terrorism suspects. European anti-terrorism laws “are more expedient and give broader capability to reach people who merely advocate violence or solidarity with terrorists”.Anti-terrorism legal codes in the UK and Europe cover a range of offences. In the UK, for instance, it is illegal to merely possess a terrorist training manual — even one that is available for download on the Web. Secondly, because civil liberties are less formalised, British and European authorities are much more likely pre-emptively to arrest and interrogate a suspect, or make use of ‘protective orders’ with far less evidentiary rigour.

National Leadership:Europe has shown that victory over terrorism is possible, even if does not come easily. Europeans have used brilliant strategies, mostly of a political nature, to defeat terrorism. Two of them concern the state, where the national leadership must:Understand and accept the political and public relations challenge involved in battling terrorists. Unlike in India, where the ruling party and opposition do not talk to but instead “talk at” each other.Appreciate the vital role of intelligence, invest in it, and use it effectively.Isolate terrorists from the non-terrorist civilian population. Unlike the preposterous, outlandish, bizarre and uncivilised practice followed in India, where innocent civilians are frisked and questioned.Control and isolate the territories where terrorists live and fight.

European Union Strategy:In December 2005, the European Union adopted a strategy to counter radicalisation and recruitment to terrorism. Three key elements are addressed in this strategy:Facilitating factors providing for recruitment;Motivational factors leading individuals to become radicalised;Structural factors creating a socio-economic environment in which the radical message becomes appealingConsistently, the EU response to the recently foiled airline plot did not contain the previously recurring void calls for strengthening police co-operation and tougher legislation.On the contrary, it placed further emphasis on efforts to counter radicalisation and to enhance protective security co-operation. Continuous research and education of the police and security community on the application of home-made explosives is part of the European counter-terrorism strategy.

Counter-Terrorism Checklist:While all the aspects cannot be covered, here are a few key features of the common EU strategy

— Bilateral and multilateral co-operation: EU member-states have a wide range of efficient, bilateral and sometimes multilateral police co-operation structures

— Denying use of the Web: The Internet is a hostile environment for terrorists and those who seek to radicalise young people. A new legal framework is needed which ensures that illegal material such as manuals or instructions for homemade explosives or bombs are removed from the Internet, and that Web sites that incite others to commit terrorist actions are blocked.

— European Common Arrest Warrant: Common laws in laying down minimum sentences for terrorist crimes and laws enabling cross-border communication intercepts and monitoring of bank accounts.

— Bio-terrorism: The EU has extremely high levels of preparedness in this respect and its emergency planning and co-ordination in response to an act of “catastrophic” terrorism involving chemical, biological and radiological attack, is excellent.

Risk-based Assessments:In Europe, individual nations conduct risk-based assessments of critical national infrastructure — those assets and activities which, if damaged or destroyed, would affect a country’s ability to continue normal life. Each country also has a crisis management structure that would regularly rehearse tackling contingencies. These national actions are always backed by a set of enabling capabilities including intelligence information, a strong policy of public communication, and robust relationships, not only between nations of EU, but also with international partners.The EU also has established a Crisis Management Centre in Brussels that acts as the central institution for the exchange and co-ordination of information. This centre is supported by secure communications between the crisis management structures of member-states.

Technology:In Europe, technology plays an important part in each nation’s counter-terrorist efforts. There are a wide range of technologies in use. Among technologies that considerably bolster security measures are:

Scanners or other methods of detecting weapons or hazardous substances, at airports and other travel hubs, for example by better scanning of people and luggage for weapons.

“Smart containers” for transport by sea and large vehicles.

Area surveillance and perimeter/border protection. This includes surveillance of public spaces to detect unusual behaviour, and of remote, unattended borders.

Personal identification, including biometrics.

Fast detection and identification of chemical, biological and radiological substances.

For networked data systems, technologies have been developed to cope with and recover from attacks, since it is rarely possible to prevent all attacks. The most important solutions are intrusion tolerance and survivability, backup tools and monitoring tools.

India’s Strategy:In India, as a result of the present-day intensive political attention on counter-terrorism, a strong tendency exists to take tactical and operational decisions in counter-terrorism cases at a higher level politically. At that level, however, most of the time, political rationality claims a larger role, and other interests start interfering with decisions that should be made based upon professional and judicial considerations. As a result, innocent Indian citizens suffer.What India urgently needs is a nationwide professional counter-terrorism strategy that covers scenarios in advance by clearly defining the aims, boundaries, roles and responsibilities of the those involved in counter-terrorism.Reflection on the counter-terrorism strategy, however, is a continuous process. Several lessons can be learned from Europe by India that could help mitigate current and future threats. – The author is former Europe Director, CII, and lives in Cologne, Germany.

Fortune Teller

“The star of riches is shining upon you” 

Well look at the fortune and me, you will laugh for 100 years for sure. I am really surprised on “how this fortune really works”? Hey orkut Fortune teller, can you please help me with the date and time? So that I can be ready with my Sack and other plastic covers to pick up the dollors 😀

Really, this stars are creating big problems for me. When my mom went and met a priest, holding my Star book or whatever its called (Horroscope or Horror – scope ) he immideatly finds a problem with my stars and says they are not staying in their proper houses (Duh, well thousands of people in the earth are not staying in thier houses rite now, how can you expect stars to sit, funny) 

Now my mom is frightened, thinking something will happen coz of this Stars out of homes for the picnic. So well planned, the situation is so easy to exploit. He immideatly comes up with an idea, on how to bring them back to thier houses or atleast not to dance so that i can have a peaceful day. So stage is set for a Big homa. I need to sit in front of huge cloud of smoke, where this priest keeps pouring the Ghee.

So still I wonder looking up the sky at night, hoping the stars sit at thier houses. 😀 and I am a regular viewer of the orkut “fortune of the day”, you know wat they always keeps me laughing, atleast by that way they are making me a happy person. But i am waiting for the day to meet the fortune teller of Orkut.

Entrepreneur – Strategies & Innovation

I really admire this person “Mr. Ramaswami Subramanian”. To start, he is an allumi of IIT Madras, then IIM-A (gold Medallist), no wonder he had a best job offer in his hand in a  investment Banking firm and the intial salary of 5500 INR per month. “In those days it was the best paid job”- Subramanian. This job lasted only for few months.

Later on, moved to a company called Royal Enfield ( Two wheeler ) He dint liked the nature of doing the same thing again and again, so his mind pop’d up with an idea to talk with his chairman and rope him up for his intial seeding for his company “Viswapriya” (financial investment firm). He was very lucky and his company was performing really well. It had a turnover of 100cr, then this “supermarket” idea stuck him. With an intial investment of 5cr he set up his first super market. 

So this was the outcome of  “subhiksha” – retail outlet. The best advantage what Mr Subramanian feels is,he will stock only the fast moving items in his shelf. “Supermarket next to your home” mantra helped him to gain more audience.

” people will stay in the shop for long hours only if they buy clothes, jewellery etc. coz they are bought once in 3 ,6 months. whereas, when it comes to provisions and grocery its just a half an hour’s game, people already knew it what they are going to buy” says Subramanian. 

Subhiksha is a great success, the business model is been studied in almost all the top b-schools in our country and also through out the world. The “entrepreneurship ” – people can learn from this guy. Now the company is aiming a turnover of more than 2000 crores, it has in minds to come out with  3000 outlets in our country. Intrestingly, in Delhi they have more number of Subhiksha branches than Post offices. 

Now subhiksha is doing well in mobile market too. They are spreading the outlets almost everywhere in the country. They have plan to open 700 stores by 2010.

Here are some of the quick interesting facts about this company:

  • Azim Premji picked up 10% stake in the Subhiksha for 230 crore.
  • Subhiksha forayed into the consumer durables retail bisiness at an investment of Rs 600 Crore
  • Company plans to launch 150 Stores by June 2009.
  • Subhiksha has bought majority of stake in Madras Stock exchange – liedted blue green construction and investment company for Rs 3 Crore.
  • Overall company plans to raise $80 – 100 million by an investment from three FII’s 
There are lots of Interesting things happening with this company, well one can even compare this store to “wall mart”. 

Time to think!

I read these lines while i was surfing the net, it was excellent.

Indians are highly moral. Morality in India is everything to do with sex. Morality has nothing to do corruption, cheating, bribes, or dowries. Sex is bad. Hand-holding is bad. Discussing sex is bad. Kissing is bad. Indian families look down upon sex (though they happen to make so many babies). But then they sit as a whole family in front of a TV to watch soft porn on a daily basis. Body gyrations, pelvic thrusts, and other sexual innuendos are all lapped up.Newspapers like TOI bombard them with nude women on a daily basis. But sex is bad. And Indians are highly moral.”

Marina oh! Marina

Chennai is lucky to have a beautiful sun-rise. I still remember those days where it used to be clean long stretch of muddy land, from the road. Now its in a bad shape but I heard that Chennai Corporation is coming up with an intiative to clean up” Marina beach”. I was very happy when heard that news, but also was very sorry for those who were asked to move their “Bajji” “Ice cream” “Sundal” shops out of the beach. 

Beach is the only place where you can see these vendors doing their business for their living. If they are asked to move out, what will they be doing for their bread and butter?Well I am not blaming the corporation for coming out with such an intiative to “clean up Marina” but they should also have a humane nature to help these people who are into beliveing that people would turn up in the evenings to relax so that they can positively sell them groundnuts and Bajji’s.

I feel its not the vendors who are littering the place, its us the people who in the name of relaxation sit out in a big group and eat anything and everything and Shit there. If the people who are concerned about the beauty of the beach, will do such an insane activities. There are so many NGO’s who are trying to stop this non-sense by educating the masses about the hazardous effects on the ocean and the life beneath it. But no use, people will be the same unless there are any strict laws. 

Coming back to the humane nature of the government, these vendors dont worry about the place they liveas  their worries are only about their small business. So I feel the govt has to come out with a relief package for these small time vendors. They can give them a Govt certificate which can be similar to a Post office saving scheme. They can give a cash relief of 15k and rest 10k they can give them in the form of fixed deposit certificate so that, these vendors can use this fixed deposit for their future security. (Keeping in the mind, that the local Municipal head doesnt eat the money)

Recently (may be 4 to 5 months back :P) when I went to Marina, I was happy to see the calmness surrounded but, at the same time I felt this is not the actual Marina. It has lost its beauty. people come to get some peace but this was extreme. What marina was in 1998 is totally different from the marina 2008.Hope people will realise the beauty of the beach and make it a litter free zone and on the other side the govt should bring those Bajji wallas and the sundal wallas back to Marina. Without them I feel marina is not at all Marina 🙂