Chennai is lucky to have a beautiful sun-rise. I still remember those days where it used to be clean long stretch of muddy land, from the road. Now its in a bad shape but I heard that Chennai Corporation is coming up with an intiative to clean up” Marina beach”. I was very happy when heard that news, but also was very sorry for those who were asked to move their “Bajji” “Ice cream” “Sundal” shops out of the beach. 

Beach is the only place where you can see these vendors doing their business for their living. If they are asked to move out, what will they be doing for their bread and butter?Well I am not blaming the corporation for coming out with such an intiative to “clean up Marina” but they should also have a humane nature to help these people who are into beliveing that people would turn up in the evenings to relax so that they can positively sell them groundnuts and Bajji’s.

I feel its not the vendors who are littering the place, its us the people who in the name of relaxation sit out in a big group and eat anything and everything and Shit there. If the people who are concerned about the beauty of the beach, will do such an insane activities. There are so many NGO’s who are trying to stop this non-sense by educating the masses about the hazardous effects on the ocean and the life beneath it. But no use, people will be the same unless there are any strict laws. 

Coming back to the humane nature of the government, these vendors dont worry about the place they liveas  their worries are only about their small business. So I feel the govt has to come out with a relief package for these small time vendors. They can give them a Govt certificate which can be similar to a Post office saving scheme. They can give a cash relief of 15k and rest 10k they can give them in the form of fixed deposit certificate so that, these vendors can use this fixed deposit for their future security. (Keeping in the mind, that the local Municipal head doesnt eat the money)

Recently (may be 4 to 5 months back :P) when I went to Marina, I was happy to see the calmness surrounded but, at the same time I felt this is not the actual Marina. It has lost its beauty. people come to get some peace but this was extreme. What marina was in 1998 is totally different from the marina 2008.Hope people will realise the beauty of the beach and make it a litter free zone and on the other side the govt should bring those Bajji wallas and the sundal wallas back to Marina. Without them I feel marina is not at all Marina 🙂