I really admire this person “Mr. Ramaswami Subramanian”. To start, he is an allumi of IIT Madras, then IIM-A (gold Medallist), no wonder he had a best job offer in his hand in a  investment Banking firm and the intial salary of 5500 INR per month. “In those days it was the best paid job”- Subramanian. This job lasted only for few months.

Later on, moved to a company called Royal Enfield ( Two wheeler ) He dint liked the nature of doing the same thing again and again, so his mind pop’d up with an idea to talk with his chairman and rope him up for his intial seeding for his company “Viswapriya” (financial investment firm). He was very lucky and his company was performing really well. It had a turnover of 100cr, then this “supermarket” idea stuck him. With an intial investment of 5cr he set up his first super market. 

So this was the outcome of  “subhiksha” – retail outlet. The best advantage what Mr Subramanian feels is,he will stock only the fast moving items in his shelf. “Supermarket next to your home” mantra helped him to gain more audience.

” people will stay in the shop for long hours only if they buy clothes, jewellery etc. coz they are bought once in 3 ,6 months. whereas, when it comes to provisions and grocery its just a half an hour’s game, people already knew it what they are going to buy” says Subramanian. 

Subhiksha is a great success, the business model is been studied in almost all the top b-schools in our country and also through out the world. The “entrepreneurship ” – people can learn from this guy. Now the company is aiming a turnover of more than 2000 crores, it has in minds to come out with  3000 outlets in our country. Intrestingly, in Delhi they have more number of Subhiksha branches than Post offices. 

Now subhiksha is doing well in mobile market too. They are spreading the outlets almost everywhere in the country. They have plan to open 700 stores by 2010.

Here are some of the quick interesting facts about this company:

  • Azim Premji picked up 10% stake in the Subhiksha for 230 crore.
  • Subhiksha forayed into the consumer durables retail bisiness at an investment of Rs 600 Crore
  • Company plans to launch 150 Stores by June 2009.
  • Subhiksha has bought majority of stake in Madras Stock exchange – liedted blue green construction and investment company for Rs 3 Crore.
  • Overall company plans to raise $80 – 100 million by an investment from three FII’s 
There are lots of Interesting things happening with this company, well one can even compare this store to “wall mart”.