“The star of riches is shining upon you” 

Well look at the fortune and me, you will laugh for 100 years for sure. I am really surprised on “how this fortune really works”? Hey orkut Fortune teller, can you please help me with the date and time? So that I can be ready with my Sack and other plastic covers to pick up the dollors 😀

Really, this stars are creating big problems for me. When my mom went and met a priest, holding my Star book or whatever its called (Horroscope or Horror – scope ) he immideatly finds a problem with my stars and says they are not staying in their proper houses (Duh, well thousands of people in the earth are not staying in thier houses rite now, how can you expect stars to sit, funny) 

Now my mom is frightened, thinking something will happen coz of this Stars out of homes for the picnic. So well planned, the situation is so easy to exploit. He immideatly comes up with an idea, on how to bring them back to thier houses or atleast not to dance so that i can have a peaceful day. So stage is set for a Big homa. I need to sit in front of huge cloud of smoke, where this priest keeps pouring the Ghee.

So still I wonder looking up the sky at night, hoping the stars sit at thier houses. 😀 and I am a regular viewer of the orkut “fortune of the day”, you know wat they always keeps me laughing, atleast by that way they are making me a happy person. But i am waiting for the day to meet the fortune teller of Orkut.