Everything is ready now for me to leave. I finished packing my clothes and my mom is ready with her luggage. I am really excited about this vaccation, may be coz its beeeeeeeeen a very long time since I had been in a vacation mood. I really need a long break, but this trip is only for a week. Lucky enf to get leave for 3 days from my Company.

Already my cousins have planned what we are going to do there, BTW I dint mention why I am going to my native rte? Its for a marriage function in Mangalore. My cute lil sister is getting married. She is really cute and Charming, very silent in nature, never talks but when she does she keeps going on n on. Anyways, back to my trip. One of my cousin will be missing this marriage coz he is already out of his place and may be will be in Jaipur now with his school friends. My cute lil sister was very angry, but my bro managed :D. 

I feel such functions creates lots of things, for people like me its really a good time to relax and think something else apart from the same old topics. People like my mom, its really a good time to gossip 😛 and people like my cousins its really good time to have fun. There are other people like my aunts, who finds this the rte time to gossip on the colours/designs of the saree and necklace, whereas for my uncles this will be the best time to stay little far from thier wife 😀

Anyways, the worst part of this function for me will be getting up very early on the marriage day. Only then I can stand atleast 3rd or 4th in the “Q” for the shower. If i miss them, I will have to bare the embarresment of having shower at the last and rest all people already ready with their new dresses and waiting for me near the car door. Really that wil be the worst nightmare in my life, so i always get up early. 

Its so boring to sit in the train for 17 hours. I rem me going to Mumbai in train, it was worst, I think I was sitting there for more than 26 hours.. lucky I had an acquaintance, still it was boring. This time I dont want to kill time doing nothin, I am taking Dan brown’s Deception point along with me :D.

I am leaving tom and will be back next monday.. will come back and update rest of the story