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I really wanted to share this amazing story to all, this is a story about a 23 year old girl named Khushboo Mirza, she is from Amroha. let me share few lines, which was reported in Indian Express recently 

” Khushboo Mirza is just one of the 12 engineers of the Check-Out Division of Chandrayaan I which carried out the thermal, vacuum and assembling checks on each component of the satellite. But the story of the 23-year-old is inspiration for a village which once looked at her journey in shock and disbelief.”

When her father died when she was seven, her mother, Farhat, broke norms to run the family’s petrol pump to keep her children in school. Her brother, Khushtar, a 2005 BTech from Jamia Millia Islamia, shelved his career ambitions to take charge later. To get out of the claustrophobic bylanes of Amroha, Khushboo applied for B Tech at Aligarh Muslim University. A volleyball player, she qualified through the sports quota. When she graduated, she landed a lucrative job with Adobe but gave it up to join ISRO two years ago.”

I wanted to make my contribution to Indian science,” Khushboo told The Indian Express from Sriharikota, Chandrayaan’s launch site. “I think I have made a start.”

This should be an inspirational story for all. After reading this, many questions are poping in my mind, ” What am I doing to this society? ”  Am I so selfish, looking only for the comforts? May be coz of all the comforts, am I not able to think?” But yes I will start work on this!

I really need to think on this, may be there are many of you, who have similar questions.. So lets start, think hard and work smart.


What is Happiness ?

Do you know what real happiness is? yeah,I do! I am feeling it rite now, no words can express it, but trying my best to share my feelings here. I feel, real happiness is when you achieve your objective. This may sound boring but its the truth, its the law of the universe. So set your objective and work for it, and before setting the objective you need to sit and observe what your strengths are. You may be good at archery, but you maybe working as chef cutting vegetables and meat.Do you get the picture or are you the one at the wrong place??

So knowin your own strengths, before setting the objective will work wonders. Once you find out what your duty in this world is you will gain immense energy while doing that job/service. Just for an example, when you are  forced to study what you dont like it, your mind will force your body not to do it, you may feel sleepy or bored or something else. But, when, at the same time, if your close friend calls you for dinner or movie you will have immense energy forgetting your sleep or boredom. 

Mind is the best ever filter in the world coz when you need anything in particular, it can filter and give it to you. For eg, there are more than 60,000 thoughts/day running in people’s minds at an average. But at any moment, when you need to listen or concentrate on one particular thought, you can do it, isnt it? Mind is  beautiful! 

We need to nourish it, but how? Its very simple and easy. You need to just pour good and positive thoughts to your mind. When you do this, it will help in replacing those negative thoughts which are planted already. Erasing the negative thought is really difficult, but replacing is the best way to do it. When we have a good control over our mind, we can achieve anything in this world. We should not allow our mind to control our body. It is really dangerous as we will be forced to do what our mind says.

Well, I have gone away from the intial topic, but the center point of every happiness is meeting your own objectives. So start your day, with a smile and set your own objective for the day and finish it with smile, I am sure you will love it 🙂 

will be continued…

Convenience or Laziness ?

Nowdays, I feel convenience is the key word for most people. If you can provide any service which will be convienient for customers or any people, you will win in the industry. Just for an example, today I had to book a ticket to a place and back again. I had this great opportunity to sit in front of my laptop and just log on to this site and using the power of netbanking I could book the ticket in the comfort of my office ambience. Even though I had to pay extra for this service, it dint bother me. It saved my time, energy and more over the most important thing and god of all ” petrol” 

It is good business for these banks and for Indian railways when they charge extra 20 to 25 rupees as service charge.They are making good money even if you calculate a mesely 200 people booking tickets through the net. So from this what I learnt is to start a business relating to areas which make people lazy, as they would’nt mind paying extra to attain that service. 

Now I will start thinkin as to what business to start… if someone looks at this blog, please share your thoughts, may be we can start it together.;)

Time to watch out for the best Ad’s

I was wondering what will be running in the mind of people who are working for a MNC banks right now? Especially those who are in the Marketing division of their banks. Now, they have a big burden to inform the public that their bank is safe and ask public to invest/deposit in their banks. But how are they going to achive this? if they keep drumming the same ad in every newspaper and in the television saying ” I am safe ” then people will have a second thought, as to “are they really safe??” 

Now this is a totally tricky situation!!! People working in the marketing dept have to think a lot before going for an ad. At the same time, they shouldn’t be quiet. Recently, ICICI bank had sent SMS’s to their customers, stating their financial strenghts like- ” Dont worry investors/depositors,your money is safe with us, we have millions of dollors ,blah blah etc”. Now Its time to rebuild their branding strategy. They cant use the same old strategy, now people have to be educated on what’s really happening around. 

Earlier days ( banking evolved ) they used to give importance to the “trust” in their Ad’s but after few years, when tehnology improved they were foccussing on the new value add which can be given to the customers in their Ad’s. But I feel now they should go back to those early days while Strategising the Ads.  Best way to do this will be CEO or the MD of that particular bank sittin in the front of a live audience all over the world and saying the importance of trust and giving the financial strenghts of that bank. This can happen only if the CEO appears in their Ads. I think this was done by Coca Cola, when they were pushed back coz of pesticide issue. 

Recently I saw an ad which was targeted to young teenagers and those in their 21 to 30. It is an impressive ad. have a look at it, its for IDBI bank. 

Now its a challenging game for those working there in marketing and PR dept of those banks.I so  wish I was working for such a bank now 😀 it would definitely improve one’s confidence as everyday will be a challenging day for them. Anyway, wish you guys all the best in coming up with creative ideas which will steal the hearts of many people!!!

Nature at its best Restaurant – try it!

Today, I had an excellent chance to have an extra-ordinary lunch with my VP and Technical Manager at a hotel called “Cholayil Sanjeevanam”. It was my VP’s idea to have lunch at this hotel. Actually I never knew it even existed! I thought, it must have been some Ayurvedic massage centre or some theraphy centre but then later I came to know that, they offer many services like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, yoga and even a health restaurant.

Few lines from their site:

Cholayil, one of the well known and respected Ayurvedic Families of Kerala, and the makers of Medimix, the world’s largest selling Ayurvedic Bath soap, have evolved the concept of Sanjeevanam, a one of its kind center for holistic health services integrating the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy”.

“Good health starts with good food. Sanjeevanam also has under its umbrella a 100% natural health restaurant serves up healthy and tasty food designed along the naturopathic principles and is supported by a panel of eminent doctors and dieticians. The food is prepared only in earthen, bronze and copper vessels by specially trained, experienced cooks, without using ingredients considered detrimental to health.”

My suggestion for any health freaks is to have lunch at this hotel coz I assure you that you would never again complain about any calories or blah blah.. Their service is good, clean ambience and overall the hospitality is very good. A little clostly,but it is worth for your health. If are you planning on taking your girl friend or children, you will be cursed 😀 especially your child for ruining his/her day. When you find time have a look at their Site and even try their healthy lunch.

Next I am planing to look at their Yoga centre, will keep you informed.

Cracking the Code

Trying to crack the GMAT this Feb 09. so there wont be much updates here. Maths is taking lot of time, please pray for my success 😀 

PS: My Manglore journey was amazing, will share it soon