Today, I had an excellent chance to have an extra-ordinary lunch with my VP and Technical Manager at a hotel called “Cholayil Sanjeevanam”. It was my VP’s idea to have lunch at this hotel. Actually I never knew it even existed! I thought, it must have been some Ayurvedic massage centre or some theraphy centre but then later I came to know that, they offer many services like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, yoga and even a health restaurant.

Few lines from their site:

Cholayil, one of the well known and respected Ayurvedic Families of Kerala, and the makers of Medimix, the world’s largest selling Ayurvedic Bath soap, have evolved the concept of Sanjeevanam, a one of its kind center for holistic health services integrating the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy”.

“Good health starts with good food. Sanjeevanam also has under its umbrella a 100% natural health restaurant serves up healthy and tasty food designed along the naturopathic principles and is supported by a panel of eminent doctors and dieticians. The food is prepared only in earthen, bronze and copper vessels by specially trained, experienced cooks, without using ingredients considered detrimental to health.”

My suggestion for any health freaks is to have lunch at this hotel coz I assure you that you would never again complain about any calories or blah blah.. Their service is good, clean ambience and overall the hospitality is very good. A little clostly,but it is worth for your health. If are you planning on taking your girl friend or children, you will be cursed 😀 especially your child for ruining his/her day. When you find time have a look at their Site and even try their healthy lunch.

Next I am planing to look at their Yoga centre, will keep you informed.