I was wondering what will be running in the mind of people who are working for a MNC banks right now? Especially those who are in the Marketing division of their banks. Now, they have a big burden to inform the public that their bank is safe and ask public to invest/deposit in their banks. But how are they going to achive this? if they keep drumming the same ad in every newspaper and in the television saying ” I am safe ” then people will have a second thought, as to “are they really safe??” 

Now this is a totally tricky situation!!! People working in the marketing dept have to think a lot before going for an ad. At the same time, they shouldn’t be quiet. Recently, ICICI bank had sent SMS’s to their customers, stating their financial strenghts like- ” Dont worry investors/depositors,your money is safe with us, we have millions of dollors ,blah blah etc”. Now Its time to rebuild their branding strategy. They cant use the same old strategy, now people have to be educated on what’s really happening around. 

Earlier days ( banking evolved ) they used to give importance to the “trust” in their Ad’s but after few years, when tehnology improved they were foccussing on the new value add which can be given to the customers in their Ad’s. But I feel now they should go back to those early days while Strategising the Ads.  Best way to do this will be CEO or the MD of that particular bank sittin in the front of a live audience all over the world and saying the importance of trust and giving the financial strenghts of that bank. This can happen only if the CEO appears in their Ads. I think this was done by Coca Cola, when they were pushed back coz of pesticide issue. 

Recently I saw an ad which was targeted to young teenagers and those in their 21 to 30. It is an impressive ad. have a look at it, its for IDBI bank. 

Now its a challenging game for those working there in marketing and PR dept of those banks.I so  wish I was working for such a bank now 😀 it would definitely improve one’s confidence as everyday will be a challenging day for them. Anyway, wish you guys all the best in coming up with creative ideas which will steal the hearts of many people!!!