Nowdays, I feel convenience is the key word for most people. If you can provide any service which will be convienient for customers or any people, you will win in the industry. Just for an example, today I had to book a ticket to a place and back again. I had this great opportunity to sit in front of my laptop and just log on to this site and using the power of netbanking I could book the ticket in the comfort of my office ambience. Even though I had to pay extra for this service, it dint bother me. It saved my time, energy and more over the most important thing and god of all ” petrol” 

It is good business for these banks and for Indian railways when they charge extra 20 to 25 rupees as service charge.They are making good money even if you calculate a mesely 200 people booking tickets through the net. So from this what I learnt is to start a business relating to areas which make people lazy, as they would’nt mind paying extra to attain that service. 

Now I will start thinkin as to what business to start… if someone looks at this blog, please share your thoughts, may be we can start it together.;)