I really wanted to share this amazing story to all, this is a story about a 23 year old girl named Khushboo Mirza, she is from Amroha. let me share few lines, which was reported in Indian Express recently 

” Khushboo Mirza is just one of the 12 engineers of the Check-Out Division of Chandrayaan I which carried out the thermal, vacuum and assembling checks on each component of the satellite. But the story of the 23-year-old is inspiration for a village which once looked at her journey in shock and disbelief.”

When her father died when she was seven, her mother, Farhat, broke norms to run the family’s petrol pump to keep her children in school. Her brother, Khushtar, a 2005 BTech from Jamia Millia Islamia, shelved his career ambitions to take charge later. To get out of the claustrophobic bylanes of Amroha, Khushboo applied for B Tech at Aligarh Muslim University. A volleyball player, she qualified through the sports quota. When she graduated, she landed a lucrative job with Adobe but gave it up to join ISRO two years ago.”

I wanted to make my contribution to Indian science,” Khushboo told The Indian Express from Sriharikota, Chandrayaan’s launch site. “I think I have made a start.”

This should be an inspirational story for all. After reading this, many questions are poping in my mind, ” What am I doing to this society? ”  Am I so selfish, looking only for the comforts? May be coz of all the comforts, am I not able to think?” But yes I will start work on this!

I really need to think on this, may be there are many of you, who have similar questions.. So lets start, think hard and work smart.