Do you know what real happiness is? yeah,I do! I am feeling it rite now, no words can express it, but trying my best to share my feelings here. I feel, real happiness is when you achieve your objective. This may sound boring but its the truth, its the law of the universe. So set your objective and work for it, and before setting the objective you need to sit and observe what your strengths are. You may be good at archery, but you maybe working as chef cutting vegetables and meat.Do you get the picture or are you the one at the wrong place??

So knowin your own strengths, before setting the objective will work wonders. Once you find out what your duty in this world is you will gain immense energy while doing that job/service. Just for an example, when you are  forced to study what you dont like it, your mind will force your body not to do it, you may feel sleepy or bored or something else. But, when, at the same time, if your close friend calls you for dinner or movie you will have immense energy forgetting your sleep or boredom. 

Mind is the best ever filter in the world coz when you need anything in particular, it can filter and give it to you. For eg, there are more than 60,000 thoughts/day running in people’s minds at an average. But at any moment, when you need to listen or concentrate on one particular thought, you can do it, isnt it? Mind is  beautiful! 

We need to nourish it, but how? Its very simple and easy. You need to just pour good and positive thoughts to your mind. When you do this, it will help in replacing those negative thoughts which are planted already. Erasing the negative thought is really difficult, but replacing is the best way to do it. When we have a good control over our mind, we can achieve anything in this world. We should not allow our mind to control our body. It is really dangerous as we will be forced to do what our mind says.

Well, I have gone away from the intial topic, but the center point of every happiness is meeting your own objectives. So start your day, with a smile and set your own objective for the day and finish it with smile, I am sure you will love it 🙂 

will be continued…