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Newspaper trick !

While I was jogging today at my usual place, I saw two men with bunch of newspapers in their hands. They had a brilliant idea. It really struck me, as it was a simple marketing technique they were using to promote their product. 

This is what really happened. There were two men neatly dressed in formals standing at the entry point of the park where I normally jog. They were having a bunch of Newpapers ( both Hindu and Local tamil paper ) in their hands. I was kind of surprised to see people so neatly dressed (formals) for the park by 6:30 am. Later on, I realised that they were not standing without a purpose but were actually marketing their Insurance product.

The concept was very simple and very interesting.They must have invested some amount to buy 20 to 30 newspaper and had also attached an ING Vysas marketing collateral in the main page along with their business card. They were targeting those, who were already done with their walking and those relaxing on the park benches as it was an obvious thing that people would defenitely buy newspaper early in the morning.Through this tactic they were able to sell many papers easily and quicky passed on the offer they were offering through ING 😉 Brilliant,is’nt it ? 

Now without any huge investment they were able to pass on their contacts to customers and also was able to reach the customers without any big appointments. More importantly they also have big chances of selling Insurance in the future. 

Certain drawbacks do exist here.What I feel is, there are chances of meeting the same people unless they change their location everyday. Initially they can use this as an opportunity to meet people, but there are chances of people getting irate and irritable . So there has to be some time interval in their visits. 

I liked this concept because it would actually work well if it is used properly. Lets see how these young men will use this opportunity to exploit more resources.


Jog & Hog !

I have come to know the reason behind the sudden climatic change here for past two-three days.Ah well I started to jog 😉 Yeah guys, really shocking he is getting up daily by 6 and he his jogging non stop for 1.6 Kms and then he walks for another 2 Kms. But when I asked him about his experience, this is what he told

” Its really refreshing, it really nice to run early morning when there is lot of oxygen in our earth. This is helping me to burn more calaroies. I feel so active through out the day, its increasing my metabolism.” 

Well guys, apart from his techie talk, even i feel, doing some sort of exercise early in the morning will help to keep yourself active throughout the day. It is not neccesary to jog, if your not able to jog atleast you can go for a brisk walk outside. 

Some tips for Joggers: 

1. Before you start jogging, do some warm-ups like stretching or a small walk

2. Then start jogging, dont strain too much initially

3. Look straight while jogging, dont hunch.

4. Initially you can start jogging for 1 Km, then slowly increase it.

5. After finishing your jogging, dont stop Immediately, keep walking slowly.

6. The  relax, by sitting down and stretching your legs.

By doing this you will burn more calaroies than walking or doing hard exercises.  

Happy Jogging. Do pass your comments. 


My Journey to PP !

My Experience with Passport office recently was really good as well as bad, bad coz I dint know where I was standing for first 15 to 20 min and good coz later it was organised neatly and that too single handedly. With my Passport application in my bag, I left my home around 08:30 in morning for 10:30 appointment, coz I was asked to be at Passport office by atleast 2 hours early than the appointed time. 

I was forced to pay Rs5 for my bike which was parked at the office premises(I donno when this system will ever get extinct) Anyway,I entered the office and to my horror I saw a queue which was almost the length of the main road. Later on I realised thankully that, it was not for Passport, but for some interview. 

I was asked to go to first floor and horror of horrors there were people forming their own lines/queues causing havoc. To my surprise I saw nearly 3 lines of people standing for the same counter. Since I had no other option, but ask for help from a random stranger who was looking as confused as I was. May be I shouldnt have asked him, I was the reason for his confusion now. 😀

An official came near us out of nowhere and screamed at the top of his voice asking people to stay calm. He was really helpful as he found the exact place/counter for otherwise I was sure of not finding it on my own.He examined everyones passport application and diverted few people to second floor. Luckily, I was one of the several to go to second floor. While moving to second floor, I heard an instruction that we needed to stand in any of the counters from E, F and G.(I always take 5 😉 and I was standing in E row. This place was good, not like first floor. This place had AC and we had some chance to breathe. 😀

Passport officials took their seats by 10 am in counter F and G leaving E alone. People standing in this counter started to look at each other perplexed,each with the ‘dont- know- what- to -do-now’ kind of expression.But thankfully a person aged around 35 came and took his seat in Counter E by 10:25. There were nearly 11 to 12 people standing ahead of me and within 5 to 10 min I was standing facing the passport official. He had sent all those people who were ahead of me to the end of the queue coz, their appointment time was by 12:30 pm. Ah!!!Here I was lucky.

Since I had taken help from my friend for arranging the passport applications along with my official transcripts, my time was saved. The official checked my transcripts and it was all perfect, so he immidiately cleared me and gave it back with an acknowledgement. My first hurdle was over.

Next I needed to pay for the application, so I had to stand in another separate queue in Counter D, but this was moving quickly. I got my reciept and was asked to move out of the place by a security gaurd.Icame down happily finishing this big task and called up my dear one to share my experience about the Passport office.I had to take half a day leave from my office, so it was fun 😉

Smart Card – Is it important now ?

New gadgets have come to our city ! will this be a hit? For that we need to wait and watch. Some lines from the press release: 

” Each card will have two features – visual inspection and machine readability. The embedded micro chip on each card can store electronic data and execute commands which can be read and updated, using terminals and devices.” 

“Explaining the special features of the new system, the official release said this would help in elimination of use of bogus driving licences and fake registration certificates (RC). The data entered into the cards could not be erased. Only additions could be made. Details regarding offences or violation of laws committed by vehicle drivers would be recorded on the cards. Only authorised officials would be able to access the data.”

If James bond comes here, he will be suprised to see that, everyone here are so tech savy 😀

Boon or Bane !

I was very happy when Mr. Anbumani Ramadoss our country’s health minister announced smoking in public is prohibited. There were so many people opposing this, especially those who were addicted to smoking. I was wondering what these petty shop owners will be thinking now, will they be welcoming this law or will the oppose it, coz their major income is through selling tobacco. I was again happy when these shop owners welcomed it, I know its not whole heartedly.

But,is this law existing now? Are people who smoke in the public places fined? Is there good number of government officials monitoring? I dont think this is happening. I find people smoking here in all the tea shops ( which is the temple for all these people to smoke ) Now shop keepers are back to business selling cigrattes with no thought of the Smoking ban.

Its now similar to highly hyped “helmet rule” in my city. They created panic at the begining with statements like-‘ If people are spotted driving without a helmet,they would be fined on the spot’ but the most ridiculous aspect of al this was that the women drivers had an exemption.They could wear a helmet only if they wished!!I mean aren’t their life equally important?? They managed the show for a few days, but this cant happen for long.As we all know people are now only fined if the traffic cop needs some money :D. 

Now smoking is permitted in public places when there is no cop around. Simple as that.

Change has come !

You can read the complete speech here