I was very happy when Mr. Anbumani Ramadoss our country’s health minister announced smoking in public is prohibited. There were so many people opposing this, especially those who were addicted to smoking. I was wondering what these petty shop owners will be thinking now, will they be welcoming this law or will the oppose it, coz their major income is through selling tobacco. I was again happy when these shop owners welcomed it, I know its not whole heartedly.

But,is this law existing now? Are people who smoke in the public places fined? Is there good number of government officials monitoring? I dont think this is happening. I find people smoking here in all the tea shops ( which is the temple for all these people to smoke ) Now shop keepers are back to business selling cigrattes with no thought of the Smoking ban.

Its now similar to highly hyped “helmet rule” in my city. They created panic at the begining with statements like-‘ If people are spotted driving without a helmet,they would be fined on the spot’ but the most ridiculous aspect of al this was that the women drivers had an exemption.They could wear a helmet only if they wished!!I mean aren’t their life equally important?? They managed the show for a few days, but this cant happen for long.As we all know people are now only fined if the traffic cop needs some money :D. 

Now smoking is permitted in public places when there is no cop around. Simple as that.