My Experience with Passport office recently was really good as well as bad, bad coz I dint know where I was standing for first 15 to 20 min and good coz later it was organised neatly and that too single handedly. With my Passport application in my bag, I left my home around 08:30 in morning for 10:30 appointment, coz I was asked to be at Passport office by atleast 2 hours early than the appointed time.Ā 

I was forced to pay Rs5 for my bike which was parked at the office premises(I donno when this system will ever get extinct) Anyway,I entered the office and to my horror I saw a queue which was almost the length of the main road. Later on I realised thankully that, it was not for Passport, but for some interview.Ā 

I was asked to go to first floor and horror of horrors there were people forming their own lines/queues causing havoc. To my surprise I saw nearly 3 lines of people standing for the same counter. Since I had no other option, but ask for help from a random stranger who was looking as confused as I was. May be I shouldnt have asked him, I was the reason for his confusion now. šŸ˜€

An official came near us out of nowhere and screamed at the top of his voice asking people to stay calm. He was really helpful as he found the exact place/counter for otherwise I was sure of not finding it on my own.He examined everyones passport application and diverted few people to second floor. Luckily, I was one of the several to go to second floor. While moving to second floor, I heard an instruction that we needed to stand in any of the counters from E, F and G.(I always take 5 šŸ˜‰ and I was standing in E row. This place was good, not like first floor. This place had AC and we had some chance to breathe. šŸ˜€

Passport officials took their seats by 10 am in counter F and G leaving E alone. People standing in this counter started to look at each other perplexed,each with the ‘dont- know- what- to -do-now’ kind of expression.But thankfully a person aged around 35 came and took his seat in Counter E by 10:25. There were nearly 11 to 12 people standing ahead of me and within 5 to 10 min I was standing facing the passport official. He had sent all those people who were ahead of me to the end of the queue coz, their appointment time was by 12:30 pm. Ah!!!Here I was lucky.

Since I had taken help from my friend for arranging the passport applications along with my official transcripts, my time was saved. The official checked my transcripts and it was all perfect, so he immidiately cleared me and gave it back with an acknowledgement. My first hurdle was over.

Next I needed to pay for the application, so I had to stand in another separate queue in Counter D, but this was moving quickly. I got my reciept and was asked to move out of the place by a security gaurd.Icame down happily finishing this big task and called up my dear one to share my experience about the Passport office.I had to take half a day leave from my office, so it was fun šŸ˜‰