I have come to know the reason behind the sudden climatic change here for past two-three days.Ah well I started to jog ūüėČ Yeah guys, really shocking he is getting up daily by 6 and he his jogging non stop for 1.6 Kms and then he walks for another 2 Kms. But when I asked him about his experience, this is what he told

” Its really refreshing, it really nice to run early morning when there is lot of oxygen in our earth. This is helping me to burn more calaroies. I feel so active through out the day, its increasing my metabolism.”¬†

Well guys, apart from his techie talk, even i feel, doing some sort of exercise early in the morning will help to keep yourself active throughout the day. It is not neccesary to jog, if your not able to jog atleast you can go for a brisk walk outside. 

Some tips for Joggers: 

1. Before you start jogging, do some warm-ups like stretching or a small walk

2. Then start jogging, dont strain too much initially

3. Look straight while jogging, dont hunch.

4. Initially you can start jogging for 1 Km, then slowly increase it.

5. After finishing your jogging, dont stop Immediately, keep walking slowly.

6. The  relax, by sitting down and stretching your legs.

By doing this you will burn more calaroies than walking or doing hard exercises.  

Happy Jogging. Do pass your comments.