While I was jogging today at my usual place, I saw two men with bunch of newspapers in their hands. They had a brilliant idea. It really struck me, as it was a simple marketing technique they were using to promote their product. 

This is what really happened. There were two men neatly dressed in formals standing at the entry point of the park where I normally jog. They were having a bunch of Newpapers ( both Hindu and Local tamil paper ) in their hands. I was kind of surprised to see people so neatly dressed (formals) for the park by 6:30 am. Later on, I realised that they were not standing without a purpose but were actually marketing their Insurance product.

The concept was very simple and very interesting.They must have invested some amount to buy 20 to 30 newspaper and had also attached an ING Vysas marketing collateral in the main page along with their business card. They were targeting those, who were already done with their walking and those relaxing on the park benches as it was an obvious thing that people would defenitely buy newspaper early in the morning.Through this tactic they were able to sell many papers easily and quicky passed on the offer they were offering through ING 😉 Brilliant,is’nt it ? 

Now without any huge investment they were able to pass on their contacts to customers and also was able to reach the customers without any big appointments. More importantly they also have big chances of selling Insurance in the future. 

Certain drawbacks do exist here.What I feel is, there are chances of meeting the same people unless they change their location everyday. Initially they can use this as an opportunity to meet people, but there are chances of people getting irate and irritable . So there has to be some time interval in their visits. 

I liked this concept because it would actually work well if it is used properly. Lets see how these young men will use this opportunity to exploit more resources.