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Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors

Yesterday i went to an ENT specialist to check my right ear, I had severe pain and block in the right ear.. I had an assumption that, it must be just because of cold/sinus. I had an appointment at 9 30 am. I reached the hospital by 9 20 am and went to the reception to ask if doctor had come. I was asked to wait, later after 15 to 20 min i was checked for my weight, height & BP ( thank god, BP was normal 😀 ) After few min, i met an assitant doctor, who does the first round of checks. He peeped into my right ear and saw huge deposits of wax 😀 he easily removed it using some hook, but man that’s soo painful. After that ritual he asked me if i need to take x ray and all the test.. how do i supposed to know… he then asked me to take it.

I took all the test which was asked ( 2 blood test, urine test, audio metric test , impedence audio test and finally x ray ) later i met the chief doctor, who checked my ear and within 2 min he said , ” this is nothing” only coz of cold… I knew that answer…

I have a feeling that, this hospital is charging everybody in the name of tests. Even for a small thing they ask us to take all these tests.. is it really worth ? when i was waiting in the reception, i saw everyone who met the doctor was asked to take atleast one or two types of tests.

May be x ray would be enough but y urine test 😀 ? really confused..

I have claimed through my medi- insurance , hopefully I get the refund



Today I got a mail from my old classmate, it was interesting mail. It had a link to a website.. out of my curiosity i opened the link and checked out the site.. It was an excellent business networking site challenging LinkedIn. This site is designed and started by some young guys.

Greetings from Zenoten Inc.
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Our More focus would be on business networking and trade.

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Guys if your interested please log in and join this site .. its free to join, connect and grow the network.