Yesterday i went to an ENT specialist to check my right ear, I had severe pain and block in the right ear.. I had an assumption that, it must be just because of cold/sinus. I had an appointment at 9 30 am. I reached the hospital by 9 20 am and went to the reception to ask if doctor had come. I was asked to wait, later after 15 to 20 min i was checked for my weight, height & BP ( thank god, BP was normal 😀 ) After few min, i met an assitant doctor, who does the first round of checks. He peeped into my right ear and saw huge deposits of wax 😀 he easily removed it using some hook, but man that’s soo painful. After that ritual he asked me if i need to take x ray and all the test.. how do i supposed to know… he then asked me to take it.

I took all the test which was asked ( 2 blood test, urine test, audio metric test , impedence audio test and finally x ray ) later i met the chief doctor, who checked my ear and within 2 min he said , ” this is nothing” only coz of cold… I knew that answer…

I have a feeling that, this hospital is charging everybody in the name of tests. Even for a small thing they ask us to take all these tests.. is it really worth ? when i was waiting in the reception, i saw everyone who met the doctor was asked to take atleast one or two types of tests.

May be x ray would be enough but y urine test 😀 ? really confused..

I have claimed through my medi- insurance , hopefully I get the refund