Today I got a mail from my old classmate, it was interesting mail. It had a link to a website.. out of my curiosity i opened the link and checked out the site.. It was an excellent business networking site challenging LinkedIn. This site is designed and started by some young guys.

Greetings from Zenoten Inc.
Hope you are doing well, i also wish that you remember me.
I wish to introduce to you that, we have started a Professional  & Business Networking web site.

We are inviting all top professionals of different segment to be a part of our team and we aslo wish our team need your support to make it successful.

Certain Features Includes:

1). Business Networking: Meet top professionals and share your ideas

2). Entertainment: It also has entertainment applications such as Music, Video’s, and Albums.

3). Trade: Trade of Goods, Land, Automobile, Toy, IT equipments…Etc
Our More focus would be on business networking and trade.

Please join us and invite your friends!

Hope you will join us.Advance Thanks for your support.

Guys if your interested please log in and join this site .. its free to join, connect and grow the network.