What do you say for this? Today afternoon, as usual I was hungry looked up the time and it was 10 past 1. Usually I have my lunch by 12 50 – 13 00 hrs. Today I had to get the lunch from nearby hotel as I didn’t cook nor my mom is at home. So took my bike left for the hotel and ordered for some lime rice, which is the only food I like in that hotel. To my surprise that hotel was full today beyond expectations. So I had no other option but to wait. After standing in “Q” for long time, I got my chance to pay and get the token. Went to the parcel counter gave the token and within 2 min I got my parcel, the waiter saw the surprise face of mine and laughed at me. It’s really a good customer delight experience. I feel all the service industries should have a good customer delight strategies in place to retain their customers and bring in more.

Now is the funny thing happened, I took my parcel and started my bike and put a U turn and was driving towards my office. Even the Indian army’s rocket launchers can’t be that accurate, but this damn crow launched its dirty thing straight to my left arm. What can I say for this? I remembered one of my friend’s words, if such things happen we have to think it’s a good sign and good things will happen the next day. Now I am seriously thinking is this true? Such things really happen?  If at all some good things is to happen, why it has to wait till the next day? This stinky thing happened today and it wants me to wait till tomorrow?

Anyways next time I need to be little more cautious while driving, any missile can attack me even from top 😀