There is always something left in this world, when we say there is nothing. There are at least few people along with us, when we say there is no one. Life is full of surprises. I believe in this sentence “what ever happens, it happens for good”. May be this is what helping me to lead a balanced life. Some things are going wrong in my life now; I am hoping its happening for my own good. Now it’s the time for me to take some good decisions. Some decisions are really important, important not only in its content, but also on “when it is taken”.  Effort is important but knowing where to put that effort is what makes the difference. I am really an optimistic person. Some times my life puts me into some serious stages where my optimism is been questioned, but I feel what ever it is, we shouldn’t lose our optimism. I know its tough to do, coz we learn lots of things only by making some mistakes… Some times I feel that, being optimistic is the key for unlocking the locks in our life.

May be I might be very boring in this post. I don’t know why I am typing all this :D, at least hoping some good things to happen. It’s good to be optimistic

PS: My friend was correct, lots of good things happened the next day. To know more look at this post.