I think I am starting my new life tomorrow. Even in the office and in my personal life too. In office am moving to a new department, thou I dont like to be part of it. But I like challenges, so ready to take it from tomorrow.Sometimes your forced to take it and it happens for good too. Being optimistic really helps. I need to prove I am capable of doing anything and everything.

I am gearing up for my new masters degree. Yes, I am starting my preparations with full throttle. Hopefully I get done with it by first week of july. I got some aims and big dreams, chasing dream is always fun. πŸ™‚ I got by my side, my best friend and partner, who is stading beside me in all my endeavours. Encouraging me to do all the things, which I would think its tough, if I am alone.

God, please take this journey of life – Satisfying πŸ™‚