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Yemeni Jet crash !

(CNN) — A young child was recovered alive from a Yemeni jet crash in the Indian Ocean, an airline official said Tuesday.

The child was the first person found alive from the jet, which was carrying more than 150 people en route to the island nation of Comoros from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

This is really terible, now a days we see such news regularly. What has happened to all those advance technologies which is in place to prevent all these accidents? I am worried about that child now, what would be its future. Airport Authorities need to establish a fool proof structure, where the security cannot be compromised. I agree, sometimes there is a major technical failure which cant be noticed, but when you take up the responsibility on security, dont you think, you cant compromise on?

Now a days airports has become like a mumbai suburban railway station, thanks to  healthy competition from lot of low cost air carriers. This in turn increases good amount of air traffic. This is a good news for the economic growth, but in turn airport authority need to concentrate more on security when there is an increase in the air traffic. We cant just rely only on ATC ( Air traffic Controller), there should be more sophisticated equipments.

There was a news recently in Chennai airport that, due to lack of waste disposal management, there is a sudden increase of birds near the airport and near the runway. Then, there was meeting to solve this problem. Hopefully, it must be solved now. I appreciate the timely action taken by AAI to solve this problem.

We need to bring back the faith among the air travellers. If you have to travel tonite via yemeni will you do it? or if your taking the route via Indian Ocean 🙂 please pass on your comments !


London Olympics 2012 – Logo War

After reading my earlier post , you might have some insights on how to choose the right Ad agencies, but this post will tell you why one should concentrate more on brand logo’s.  Have a look at this pic for a moment England 2012 olympic logo. Now guys give me your honest feed back for this logo. Do you think the brand managers or the ad agencies have done thier home work? If you haven’t looked at those rings, will your wild guess would be on olympics? Does this colour attract you ?

Photo Courtesy: Branding Strategy Insider

My comment: This is not a good work, when some event this sort happening in London by 2012, they should’ve thought on  more attractive logo. It could’ve been more simpler in design, there are unnecessary zig zag curves, I am not able to understand why is that for? any comments on that ? Overall, I feel when London is hosting the olympics after 68 odd years, they should have done some thing more.. Olympics deserves it, dont it? your feedbacks, comments are welcome.

Brand Logo – your next mouth

Brand! Brand! Brand!. Everyone wants thier logo’s to be the best one. Gaining the entry into the people’s mind is the most important objective for any company’s logo. A simple design can be the best design, but not all the times. Well to give an example of a simple which is more powerful I can say ” Mercedes” dont you agree with me ?Mercedes-logo-crom but the real story behind the logo and the name:

The name Mercedes came form Emil Jellinek daughters name Mercedes. Emill Jellinek was working with Gottlieb Damiler in racing car production. Brand name Mercedes is today best known via three pointed star symbol wich reperesnts Emill wish to bulid motors wich can be used on wather, land and air. Mercedes benz emblem was latter combined with Benz laurel wreath, symbol of victory and glory, in 1926.”

Designing a logo requires lots of enthusiasm and knowledge about the market and more importantly the ability to read people’s mind. This job is normally given to the advertising agencies, who think they have the expertise in designing the logo, brand name etc.  So, deciding which advertising company to recruit is always a major question. So here are few tips on how to choose the ad agencies..

“So how does one determine which organization would best serve your needs? First, you must carefully assess your needs so that you know what you are seeking. Once you have done that, you should make your selection based on the following:

* The types of branding projects they have done most often and most successfully (e.g., brand audits, brand strategy development, brand identity systems and standards, advertising campaigns, simple logo design, etc.)

* The types of people they employ and which of them would be assigned to your project (e.g. marketing researchers, brand strategists, graphic designers, copy writers, direct marketing experts, web marketing specialists, account executives, social media experts, etc.)

* Ask for specific, detailed client case studies coupled with client contacts for those projects so that you can confirm with previous clients just what the organization/consultant did, how they did it and what its outcome was.

The bottom line: If an agency has a hammer, it will treat everything as a nail. If it has a screwdriver, it will treat everything as a screw. Find out what tools, skill sets, and types of projects the agency or consultancy has focused on. In this way, you will know whether they are capable of helping you.

Finally, watch out for companies that “knock your socks off” with highly polished and compelling presentations delivered by their business development team, a group that you are likely not to see again after the business pitch. Ask to meet the people who will actually be assigned to your project. If they are labeled ‘Guru’s’ be sure you know what their actual level of involvement with your brand will be.”  Courtesy : Branding Strategy

Web Analytics in 21 weeks ?

haha, this is so cute work by Avinash Kaushik.. have a look at this.. “Getting an early start on a career in analytics”

Career in analytics

“I would have thought that 21 weeks might be a tad bit early to start enhancing your Web Analytics skills, but who am I to argue with an enhanced sonogram image! ; )”

Courtesy: Flickr

CEO and Social Media

Today I came across a document, which made me to think, what does CEO’s do in their free time. Yeah this might be a silly question to ask, but when you read the entire post you will be like .. yeahhhh !! anyways back to the topic, the recent survey by uberCEO revealed that most of the CEO’s don’t indulge in any of the social networking sites. some facts on based on the survey:

  • Only two CEOs have Twitter accounts.
  • 13 CEOs have LinkedIn profiles, and of those only three have more than 10 connections.
  • 81% of CEOs don’t have a personal Facebook page.
  • Three quarters of the CEOs have some kind of Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those have limited or outdated information.
  • Not one Fortune 100 CEO has a blog.

So now you guys put on the thinking hat and tell me, what these guys do. May be they don’t have any free time ? Some more top line results

Twitter was the least used service by Fortune 100 CEOs, despite being one of the fastest growing social media networks. Wikipedia had the highest level of engagement among the Fortune 100 CEOs, yet 28% of those entries had incorrect titles, missing information or lacked sources.

LinkedIn, a site mainly used for professional networking, only attracted 13 Fortune 100 CEOs, five of which had just one connection. Three CEOs stood out from the pack on LinkedIn, each having more than 80 connections. However, they are all from technology companies – Michael Dell (Dell), Gregory Spierkel (Ingram Micro) and John Chambers (Cisco).

While there were slightly more Fortune 100 CEO users on Facebook than on LinkedIn, most of them had limited information on their page and few friends. More surprising is that no Fortune 100 CEO has a public blog that could be easily found.

Dont you think, CEO should’nt be disconnected from these social media’s, where there are lots of marketing happens? This is one of the ways to get in touch with customers and prospective customers, there are more opportunities to build the brand. Again, there is a problem here, if all the CEO’s of top 100 companies starts to tweet and update their status in facebook, write blogs all the day, then when do they give importance to other aspect of their business ? isnt it ? Anyways, your welcome to post your views..

Abandonment to Re-marketing

There are so many online stores now, you can buy anything to everything on this world wide web. This in turn brings good amount of work for the “Web analysts”, who then starts investigating, Churning millions of data’s. When you enter a hyper mall and just do window shopping, there are very few chances that you will be noticed by shop owners. Unless you have been given a membership card, with advance RFID or something like that. But when you go to an online store, start from your landing page ” Your Watched” !

Web analyst can track your movements like, what page are you viewing, which page attracted you, are you shopping or just looking at videos etc.. This would help the analyst and the web owner to optimise the web site in accordance to the customer’s view point.

But the issue is, abandonment rate. well let me explain by an example. If I go to and start browsing for say a novel ” ABC”  and then I find that novel and then I add it to my cart, then while filling up the required information, suddenly I drop this idea of buying and leave and go to some other site or just close the window. This is called abandonment. Not necessary that, only if you drop the idea of buying is called abandonment, even when i set the conversion or rule as filling up the form, survey or subscribing to my newsletter and in the final stage you dont finish the rule.Its the same.

There is a report that, if we remarket to those who have abandon the cart within a day or even better on the same day, then there are chances that people would come back and finish the process. If we do it, after 3 days the chances is very less.

Forrester reports that an immediate follow up to an abandonment (within 30 minutes) of an abandonment would generate a staggering 89% open rate, and conversion of 26%.

Here is a small chart which explains by itself:

Email response rates chart

Source: Website Conversion

Ad Sense: Tutorial

I came across this video on Google Adsense, It is a good resource to know about, analytics when integrated with google ad sense. Avinash Kaushik has explained it in a neat way, so even I could understand this clearly.

PS: Couldn’t blog for a long time, will soon update with some interesting news on web analytics.