1. You can identify which site referrer is sending traffic and revenues to your site.
  • You never know from where your getting the traffic, is it from Google search engine, or any other search engine or is it from some other site, is it from any of your affiliates. So when we start using web analytics, we can track it down.
  1. You can see which product or service is more viewed or liked.
  • There might be thousands of products displayed in your site or there might be different services offered to your customers, but with the help of web analytics, you can see which is the most popular service or the product(s). so you can concentrate on that particular service or product.
  1. If you had done any kind of marketing campaigns, who could know which one yielded more results.
  • You must have done lots of e mail campaign or done any kind of promotional campaigns for your company by online method, you can see the ROI of those campaigns using this analytics. This will tell you which the best campaign was.
  1. You can measure the impact of the online channel in general; see how your online business is doing.
  • This tells you how your company is doing in the online stream in general, should you concentrate on brick and mortar method of doing business or should you go with online alone.
  1. You can see your potential target customers, and try to get business from them.
  • You can see who will be your customers, prospective customers, members etc. you can see from which place are they from. So you can immediately convert those prospective ones to your real time customers.
  1. You can analyse your visitors click stream, see which pages, links they click.
  • This is self explanatory, you can generally see which pages they click and how long they stay in that page and where do they go from that page.
  1. You can also start cross-selling, by giving some recommendations on other products, when your selling your product(s)
  • If your company has lots of products in the same category, you can start cross selling. Why don’t you suggests or give some recommendations of products to they customers when they buy any product from your website?
  1. You can see if you need to add any new stuff to your site, like new theme or content in general.
  • Again, this is self explanatory. You can think on adding new stuffs to your website or enhance the site by adding new themes or pattern etc..
  1. Sometimes visitors uses some keywords in your site, you can track them in order to develop new product line from it.
  • Grab those key words; they are so vital that you can use those keywords for your Google ad word marketing too. You can develop some products too.
  1. Last but not the least, you can find errors in your pages, Website.
  • To err is human, so find those errors and make your site beautiful.

We can add more reasons, but these should be in your top of your mind always.. Now lets see WHO should use this..

Who should use Web analytics?

Anybody can use it, but it would make sense if these guys use them.

  1. Do you have a website, where you’re generating income?
  2. You have high traffic counts, but low conversion?
  3. Do you do any e mail marketing campaign?
  4. Are you planning to rebuild your site?
  5. Are you using any paid search engine campaign?
  6. Or you’re interested in web analytics like me? J

Well guys, I think in today’s post you must have got some basic clues like, what is web analytics is all about.  Its really fun reading about this topic, will keep you posted on more about web analytics.. Well just to preview about tomorrow’s post: will be discussing on various terminologies, jargons in web analytics.

Got anything to share? Your comments are welcome J