(CNN) — A young child was recovered alive from a Yemeni jet crash in the Indian Ocean, an airline official said Tuesday.

The child was the first person found alive from the jet, which was carrying more than 150 people en route to the island nation of Comoros from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

This is really terible, now a days we see such news regularly. What has happened to all those advance technologies which is in place to prevent all these accidents? I am worried about that child now, what would be its future. Airport Authorities need to establish a fool proof structure, where the security cannot be compromised. I agree, sometimes there is a major technical failure which cant be noticed, but when you take up the responsibility on security, dont you think, you cant compromise on?

Now a days airports has become like a mumbai suburban railway station, thanks to  healthy competition from lot of low cost air carriers. This in turn increases good amount of air traffic. This is a good news for the economic growth, but in turn airport authority need to concentrate more on security when there is an increase in the air traffic. We cant just rely only on ATC ( Air traffic Controller), there should be more sophisticated equipments.

There was a news recently in Chennai airport that, due to lack of waste disposal management, there is a sudden increase of birds near the airport and near the runway. Then, there was meeting to solve this problem. Hopefully, it must be solved now. I appreciate the timely action taken by AAI to solve this problem.

We need to bring back the faith among the air travellers. If you have to travel tonite via yemeni will you do it? or if your taking the route via Indian Ocean 🙂 please pass on your comments !