In my earlier post, I had written about the abandonment rates and then remarketing to those people, who had left your website. Now I would like to throw some light on ” Why there is abdonment?”  Why is that people tend to leave your site at the last moment. Here are some data’s:

  • 46% of online shoppers said high shipping charges were a “very important reason” for emptying carts.

Now you guys have to think innovatively how to solve this problem. Now everyone are trying to reduce thier expenses. So any user generic discounts can be given, like people who shop more than $X they are entitiled to get “free shipping”

  • Want to compare with other shops – 37% ( People tend to compare and buy the product, so when they go away from your site, some history has to be saved, so that when they return to you site, they dont have to start from the scratch. May be the page previous to the billing information can be saved)
  • Lack of Money – 36% ( this is were your pricing comes in, do you have a killer price then do offer it)
  • Want to shop Offline – 26% ( People tendency is that, they would love to shop offline, may be with their family members or friends. So do you offer your product offline too? if you do, then your doing really good.)
  • Couldnt find the preferred pay option – 24%( haha, there are so many reasons people find in your site, dont they ? well, you need to double check with all the payment gateways, if they are all working fine with different kinds of cards. Now a days some companies are also accepting debit cards, thats something good news to me! 🙂 )
  • Items unavailable – 23% (Oh dear god, this shouldnt happen at all, this will take away all the trust which was there with your company, need to have a serious look at this.)
  • Couldnt find customer support – 22% ( This is a must, I can say. When people are lost, they should be guided. So place the customer support numbers, email id etc prominentely on almost all the pages throught the check out process.)
  • Security Concerns – 21% ( Security is again very important, customers are sharing their vital info like credit card numbers, PIN, etc. So security shouldnt be compromised.

Courtesy: grokdotcom