Sometimes it gets to my nerves, when I see you take your designation to your head. It doesn’t mean if you are in the top of the department, you should be respected like god. Come’on even they are equal human being, why do you need to treat them so badly? Is it only because your in the so called postion to dominate? The simple job which can be done by you, but you need that person to come and do it for you, is this the way you deligate the work? or you still accept the fact that, you need to be spoonfed always? Your designation is a false representation of  you, this is the message you throw out through your action.

You have the position and the power to search for a job, if your boss ill treats you and you quit from the organisation, but think of those people who are at the entry level job or a office boy status, where they cant even think of a day without an income. So what runs in the persons mind then? Should he/she take all the ill treatment caused by you and stay with you till you retire?

Why does this kind of ego and attitude comes along with your designation? Why dont you be down to earth kinda person, atleast stop ill treating your sub ordinates, they are equal humans, dont you think that? They are so vulnerable to all the bad social elements outside but they are so strong fighting them.  Each day’s wages is so important for them, they cant lose it. Please stop your autocratic treatment.

Do you own any respect with your subordinates? Just ask this question to your self, it will reveal lot of things about you as a person, as a manager and as a human being.