I got a good news for all those souls who aren’t allowed to tweet at thier will while working in a Multi national Companies. Some companies doesnt allow thier employees to access some social media websites like Facebook, Twittter. So what do these desperate souls who love Twitter will do? Find a way to tweet without going to the site. So a guy called ElliotKember used his brilliance in bringing up a tool, by which you can start tweeting without logging into the site.


Well, if you guys get caught while tweeting, I am not responsible. You will be doing this at your own risk.

Here is the tool:

The tool developed by ElliottKember, where you can tweet without logging into Twitter and the big plus point is, this tool resembles like an Excel. So even when your tweeting, it will look as if you are working on some excel sheet. 🙂 Look at the screenshot below to see how this works. Now you def want to try?

screenshot2This tool can be run using Adobe Air installer. Now if you are ready to download you can go ahead and click this link. Make sure, you don’t violate any of your company policies.

You can pass on the information to your friends, who might be looking out for such an application. Have fun ! you can follow me @thefrozenhands and happy tweeting.

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