I am finding new me in me. I was not like this a year ago, well I am stating all this in a positive note. The major change I am seeing in me, is the reading habit which has grown a lot in me. I was mentored, adviced and also received few friendly opinions too, which helped me in getting to know more about the importance of reading, the habit of reading to be more precise. There were few pals of mine, who were constantly reading either novels, articles etc; but I was more on outdoor sports, having a notion that, reading will never suit me.I had this notion, reading is just an activity which helps to kill time similar to playing or watching tv, but now I realised that, its more than killing time.

I would like to quote here ” Your mind is like a parachute which works best, when its open” . This is so true. How to open your mind? the answer is “Read as much you can” . It can be anything, any topic of your interest, our even some unknown topic which will help you to make the topic as known topic when your done with it ;).

Actually I should thank my close friend, who helped me to inculcate this habit into me. Continued, with reviews on various books etc which made a great impact on my thalamus :D.

I agree to this statement ” known is a drop and unknown is an ocean”, still I have got long way to go. Thanks to Internet, you have lot of information at your finger tips, you just need to known how to extract the data what you need. I donno why I am writting all this, but I just wanted to make an entry so that one day I can come back and see myself where I am stading .