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I am not white nor black, I am Blue !

It was a proud moment for me yesterday evening. I am proud to say that, I am one of the helping hands for Blue cross of India, Madras.

The Blue Cross of India was established in 1959 and registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act in 1964 to alleviate the suffering of animals. It has grown from small beginnings to become one of India’s largest animal welfare organizations, running active animal welfare, animal rights and humane education programmes.

To ensure that all monies received by the Society are used primarily for animal welfare activities, the administration and non-medical activities of the Blue Cross of India are almost entirely looked after by members who donate their time and expertise on a purely honorary basis.

The work of the Blue Cross has received national and international recognition. Its Office Bearers have served on many State and Central Government Committees over the last forty years.”


 I love animals, but one incident made me to join Blue Cross. One day when I was leaving for office, I heard somebody knocking at my door, so when I opened the door, it was a surprising guest. It was a cute looking pigeon, I can also say it was a strong heart pigeon. It was fighting against few angry crows. Immedietely I allowed the pigeon to entry into my house and I closed the door. It was really frightened and was very week, it couldnt fly. I dint know what to do next, I just took the pigeon in my hand and then took to my room. Then I got few rice grains and water and kept it next to it, so that it can eat.

I thought I need to handover this pigeon to some person who can take care. I remembered a friend of mine, who works for some Animal welfare, so I called him up immedietely.  He asked me to keep the pigeon, and he would ask his friend to come and pick it up from my home. I was happy and relieved and told this message to my mom and left for my office.

After few hours my mom called up to tell the bad news, the pigeon had died. I was so emotional and felt sorry for the pigeon. Later I learnt that, those crows might have caused the injuries to this pigeon.  I had a thought may be if I had taken this pigeon to a vet immidietely I couldve had a chance to save a life. I was so ignorant, i dint know what to do when I see a injured animal on the road. So this made me to take a “Pledge” from now onwards, I will give my complete best to save a life of any animals.

I called up Blue cross of India and immedietely joined as a “volunteer”. Yesterday we had organised a dog show for our Indian dogs, mongreals and cross . It was an amazing show, we witnessed more than 70+ registrations and the companions were so proud to bring thier pets to the stage for a walk. It was judged and the prizes were given for nearly 26 categories, including some fun categories like ” the most number of Kisses” ” Best Kisser” ” pet which looks similar to the owner” etc… Lots of freebies were given to them, which includes shampoos, soaps, pedigree’s etc…

I am looking forward to serve more and more for those living beings who share the place with us. we humans should learn from them, they dont want human race to be extinct but we need their skin, bones, teeths. Our parents showed us the dinosours through books or movies, I think we will be showing lions and tigers to our children. Think about it.


Run for the Life !

Its a great feeling for me, personally. After seeing the ad in The Hindu, I had all the energy in the world to participate even before thinking ” how am I going to do?” I had never thought of this last year, yeah I am talking about the GiveLife – Chennai Marathon – 2009 . Its really a great feeling when your running for your city as well as for those good cause. Hats off to give life and other sponsors who are supporting this great show.

Yesterday, was the day, I officially registered for the great Chennai Run. Its a great feeling, I am not able to express this properly in words. Past few weeks, I am constentely jogging, its become a routine for me. I am enjoying it too. So now the challenge ahead to run 7 kms is motivating me a lot. Its always you jog or walk for you own health, but this time I am doing it for others, for those underpriveleged brothers and sisters. Giving them as much I can. Also for my city, which has shared all the joys and sorrows with me. It has given me a beautiful place to stay, beautiful place to drive, beautiful place to relax, beautiful place to learn, beautiful place to look at the corner of the land. I don’t give a damn, when people complain about Chennai. Com’on every place has its own limitations, people need to adapt to it, not compain about it. Well, I dont need to talk abt that crap now. I love Chennai.

May be the next year I can do better by participating in half marathon, I can contribute more as well as I can run more for the soceity. Guys, if your interested please go ahead, dont think so much. Its very easy to register and the details you can check it out in the website, which I have provided.

See you there Chennai 🙂 Vannakam 🙂

Monsoon, more dangerous than swine !

I feel there is a serious threat to our country, instead of spreading panic (swine flu), people should worry about the failed monsoon. Indian Monsoon is closely interconnected with our economy, this would definetly push the food prices up. The Inflation is mounting. What are we going to do?

Upper middle class, middle class people can survive this, but what about lower class and BPL families ? Indian govt says, they do have good amount of buffer stocks. “Central agencies like Food Corporation of India have buffer stocks of over 50 million tonnes of rice and wheat”.  The main trouble will be the distribution of this food to the needy people. How are they going to manage this crisis ? Meanwhile, our Prime Minister has told will do ” everything possible” to keep the food inflation down. I also read in one of the news paper, our PM has told, we should be prepared for the rise in the food prices. isnt this contradictory ? Or I lost the meaning ? I feel this is more dangerous than this Swine flu, when people are finding tough to buy thier basic need, food.. how are we going to survive ?

Now what are the casuses for this monsoon disappereance ? I had a talk with one of my uncle’s yesterday, we were seriously discussing about, food inflations, swine flu, negligence of people ( travelling from Pune to other places, without any protection and encouraging the spread in other regions ), poor maintenence of govt hospitals, etc; when I was more concerned on monsoon, I persisted to talk more on that. He made some comment, he told “have you noticed , recently there were news about, glaciers / snow cap melting” ? I asked what is there for this monsoon ? he said, if there is no barrier, wouldnt the clouds move on ? it made sense for me, when clouds hit the mountain and return back to india, they form as monsoon. which I rememebered studying in my geography class 😀 .

Other main reason is ” De forestation” we know about this, but still we cant stop this. when the trees, leave the oxygen and this oxygen ionises and then attracts the cloud and helps the precipitation. There is a theory on this, well it was more on chemistry, so I couldnt manage to grasp. It was a worthwile chat.

So now what do you think ? how can we tackle this problem ? food inflation in one side, no rain in another. will this be highlighted after this swine flu hangama ? or will this go unnoticed ? let me keep this open for discussion ….

Swine Swine go away ! But don’t come again

Its been a while since I wrote any blog here, I was occupied by doing lot of things. I am really excited about it too. Presently reading, “Imagining India” by Nandan Nilekani, which is taking good amount of time after office hours. I would def recommend this book, atleast to know about our country in much better way.

:Last week, I was reading Robin Cook’s – Critical. Its really a critical story 😀 with lots of charecters and fight between mafia gangs and spread of deadily bacteria ( MRSA ), I should have expected this after reading COMA of the same author. I was curious to read CRITICAL because that was his last book 😀

Really, speaking about those deadily viruses and bacteria’s, it scares you a lot to go to any speciality hospitals. I know I can’t take everything as told, but looking at those viruses and co-incedentel SWINE flu now, it really makes one to put on the thinking cap. My collegue who is a business development manager in Mumbai region, was telling me that eveyone is scared to death recently after the first death. He told me that, he keeps washing his hands with an anti-biotic soap regularly, but his job demands him to be on the field.

Now the recent news is Delhi govt has asked to shut the school for a week, will this be beneficial? I cant answer this. How long you can keep the doors closed? Now everywhere, and in every newspaper “Swine Flu” has made the bold headline.

This swine flu has even swallowed a 4 year old boy who was in ventilator, then died of multiple organ failure in Chennai today morning along with an ayurvedic doctor in Pune. So the total death count is 6 in India.

I was looking out for the symptoms and the precautions which can be taken for this deadly influenza, came up with nice article, thought I can share this.  please read this, its better to be prepared than being ignorant.

Symptoms of Swine Flu

The symptoms of swine flu are usually like those of regular seasonal flu and include:

  • headache
  • chills
  • cough
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • aches
  • fatigue
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • watery eyes
  • throat irritation
  • nausea and vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • in people with chronic conditions, pneumonia may develop

Precautions Against Swine Flu

Good standard flu prevention techniques are recommended to protect yourself against swine flu:

  • Get a regular seasonal flu vaccination. It might not help against this specific strain, but it won’t hurt.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot running water. If hot water is not available, use an alcohol-based hand gel.
  • When you cough and sneeze, cover your mouth and nose. Wash your hands afterwards.
  • Avoid being near others who might be sick.
  • Stay home if you are sick, to avoid affecting others.

When will we “CHANGE”

Why Does people belive in superstition? why is this always happens to me, that I need to come across such people? I know this is really a stupid question to ask, but I have no better work to do now 😀

@We can donate in lakhs, why not even in crores to Temples, but why don’t we give even a penny to orphanages/child care centers/old age homes?

@We want our son/daughter to be genius like Einstein, spend tons of money on Ghee and Oil, doing “Sacred pooja”, why not feed other children who are undernourished ?

@we spend half of our income, to know our future, why not spend on some poor kids who are worried about thier present?

@we spend crazy amount of money on weddings, why do we need a social status when we dont worry about the society? is our relatives alone make the society ?

@we spend money on doing big big yagna for “Varuna deva” for rain, instead why dont we plant trees in our surroundings?

@we (Govt) give lot of subsidies for different things, why dont we give free education?

@we spend money on some religious poojas to have a good health, why don’t we stop adulterations?

@we love “God” so much even though we cant see, why not love our fellow human beings, who you can see and be with them?

@we gather millions of people on some occassions in name of god, why dont we get united everyday?

@We spend lakhs and lakhs on donations either for school, colleges. why dont we realise that this is our basic rights? why we need to pay such donations?

@we can go on for a walk for miles, on the name of pilgrimages, why dont we make an habit to walk everyday?

@we can pierce almost everywhere in our body in the name of god, why do we hurt others?

@we live in a democratic country were we have the “Right to Speak” but why we need to pay our telephone bills? ( this one just to divert your mind, lighter one! ) 🙂

Now Seriously when will we change? If there is any kind of accounting system, where we can take an account on people spending on such supersition, am sure the money would be in trillions of $ . I am not restricting only to India, around the world the spending would be in trillions.

I think, I would’ve ignited a spark in your head now 😀 let that spark burn brighter n brighter…