Why Does people belive in superstition? why is this always happens to me, that I need to come across such people? I know this is really a stupid question to ask, but I have no better work to do now 😀

@We can donate in lakhs, why not even in crores to Temples, but why don’t we give even a penny to orphanages/child care centers/old age homes?

@We want our son/daughter to be genius like Einstein, spend tons of money on Ghee and Oil, doing “Sacred pooja”, why not feed other children who are undernourished ?

@we spend half of our income, to know our future, why not spend on some poor kids who are worried about thier present?

@we spend crazy amount of money on weddings, why do we need a social status when we dont worry about the society? is our relatives alone make the society ?

@we spend money on doing big big yagna for “Varuna deva” for rain, instead why dont we plant trees in our surroundings?

@we (Govt) give lot of subsidies for different things, why dont we give free education?

@we spend money on some religious poojas to have a good health, why don’t we stop adulterations?

@we love “God” so much even though we cant see, why not love our fellow human beings, who you can see and be with them?

@we gather millions of people on some occassions in name of god, why dont we get united everyday?

@We spend lakhs and lakhs on donations either for school, colleges. why dont we realise that this is our basic rights? why we need to pay such donations?

@we can go on for a walk for miles, on the name of pilgrimages, why dont we make an habit to walk everyday?

@we can pierce almost everywhere in our body in the name of god, why do we hurt others?

@we live in a democratic country were we have the “Right to Speak” but why we need to pay our telephone bills? ( this one just to divert your mind, lighter one! ) 🙂

Now Seriously when will we change? If there is any kind of accounting system, where we can take an account on people spending on such supersition, am sure the money would be in trillions of $ . I am not restricting only to India, around the world the spending would be in trillions.

I think, I would’ve ignited a spark in your head now 😀 let that spark burn brighter n brighter…