I feel there is a serious threat to our country, instead of spreading panic (swine flu), people should worry about the failed monsoon. Indian Monsoon is closely interconnected with our economy, this would definetly push the food prices up. The Inflation is mounting. What are we going to do?

Upper middle class, middle class people can survive this, but what about lower class and BPL families ? Indian govt says, they do have good amount of buffer stocks. “Central agencies like Food Corporation of India have buffer stocks of over 50 million tonnes of rice and wheat”.  The main trouble will be the distribution of this food to the needy people. How are they going to manage this crisis ? Meanwhile, our Prime Minister has told will do ” everything possible” to keep the food inflation down. I also read in one of the news paper, our PM has told, we should be prepared for the rise in the food prices. isnt this contradictory ? Or I lost the meaning ? I feel this is more dangerous than this Swine flu, when people are finding tough to buy thier basic need, food.. how are we going to survive ?

Now what are the casuses for this monsoon disappereance ? I had a talk with one of my uncle’s yesterday, we were seriously discussing about, food inflations, swine flu, negligence of people ( travelling from Pune to other places, without any protection and encouraging the spread in other regions ), poor maintenence of govt hospitals, etc; when I was more concerned on monsoon, I persisted to talk more on that. He made some comment, he told “have you noticed , recently there were news about, glaciers / snow cap melting” ? I asked what is there for this monsoon ? he said, if there is no barrier, wouldnt the clouds move on ? it made sense for me, when clouds hit the mountain and return back to india, they form as monsoon. which I rememebered studying in my geography class 😀 .

Other main reason is ” De forestation” we know about this, but still we cant stop this. when the trees, leave the oxygen and this oxygen ionises and then attracts the cloud and helps the precipitation. There is a theory on this, well it was more on chemistry, so I couldnt manage to grasp. It was a worthwile chat.

So now what do you think ? how can we tackle this problem ? food inflation in one side, no rain in another. will this be highlighted after this swine flu hangama ? or will this go unnoticed ? let me keep this open for discussion ….