Its a great feeling for me, personally. After seeing the ad in The Hindu, I had all the energy in the world to participate even before thinking ” how am I going to do?” I had never thought of this last year, yeah I am talking about the GiveLife – Chennai Marathon – 2009 . Its really a great feeling when your running for your city as well as for those good cause. Hats off to give life and other sponsors who are supporting this great show.

Yesterday, was the day, I officially registered for the great Chennai Run. Its a great feeling, I am not able to express this properly in words. Past few weeks, I am constentely jogging, its become a routine for me. I am enjoying it too. So now the challenge ahead to run 7 kms is motivating me a lot. Its always you jog or walk for you own health, but this time I am doing it for others, for those underpriveleged brothers and sisters. Giving them as much I can. Also for my city, which has shared all the joys and sorrows with me. It has given me a beautiful place to stay, beautiful place to drive, beautiful place to relax, beautiful place to learn, beautiful place to look at the corner of the land. I don’t give a damn, when people complain about Chennai. Com’on every place has its own limitations, people need to adapt to it, not compain about it. Well, I dont need to talk abt that crap now. I love Chennai.

May be the next year I can do better by participating in half marathon, I can contribute more as well as I can run more for the soceity. Guys, if your interested please go ahead, dont think so much. Its very easy to register and the details you can check it out in the website, which I have provided.

See you there Chennai πŸ™‚ Vannakam πŸ™‚