It was a proud moment for me yesterday evening. I am proud to say that, I am one of the helping hands for Blue cross of India, Madras.

The Blue Cross of India was established in 1959 and registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act in 1964 to alleviate the suffering of animals. It has grown from small beginnings to become one of India’s largest animal welfare organizations, running active animal welfare, animal rights and humane education programmes.

To ensure that all monies received by the Society are used primarily for animal welfare activities, the administration and non-medical activities of the Blue Cross of India are almost entirely looked after by members who donate their time and expertise on a purely honorary basis.

The work of the Blue Cross has received national and international recognition. Its Office Bearers have served on many State and Central Government Committees over the last forty years.”


 I love animals, but one incident made me to join Blue Cross. One day when I was leaving for office, I heard somebody knocking at my door, so when I opened the door, it was a surprising guest. It was a cute looking pigeon, I can also say it was a strong heart pigeon. It was fighting against few angry crows. Immedietely I allowed the pigeon to entry into my house and I closed the door. It was really frightened and was very week, it couldnt fly. I dint know what to do next, I just took the pigeon in my hand and then took to my room. Then I got few rice grains and water and kept it next to it, so that it can eat.

I thought I need to handover this pigeon to some person who can take care. I remembered a friend of mine, who works for some Animal welfare, so I called him up immedietely.  He asked me to keep the pigeon, and he would ask his friend to come and pick it up from my home. I was happy and relieved and told this message to my mom and left for my office.

After few hours my mom called up to tell the bad news, the pigeon had died. I was so emotional and felt sorry for the pigeon. Later I learnt that, those crows might have caused the injuries to this pigeon.  I had a thought may be if I had taken this pigeon to a vet immidietely I couldve had a chance to save a life. I was so ignorant, i dint know what to do when I see a injured animal on the road. So this made me to take a “Pledge” from now onwards, I will give my complete best to save a life of any animals.

I called up Blue cross of India and immedietely joined as a “volunteer”. Yesterday we had organised a dog show for our Indian dogs, mongreals and cross . It was an amazing show, we witnessed more than 70+ registrations and the companions were so proud to bring thier pets to the stage for a walk. It was judged and the prizes were given for nearly 26 categories, including some fun categories like ” the most number of Kisses” ” Best Kisser” ” pet which looks similar to the owner” etc… Lots of freebies were given to them, which includes shampoos, soaps, pedigree’s etc…

I am looking forward to serve more and more for those living beings who share the place with us. we humans should learn from them, they dont want human race to be extinct but we need their skin, bones, teeths. Our parents showed us the dinosours through books or movies, I think we will be showing lions and tigers to our children. Think about it.