This is an extraordinary feeling after enjoying your holidays and going back to work with full josh and also with more rejuvenated mind. I was craving for such a break for long time, I was surrounded with lots of distractions and with some  career problems. My career was going haywire, and I dint know what I was doing. I am person with positive attitude, may be this helped me. I always think, that if some door is closed another would open. This has proved right to me. I was forced to take up a role which I dint like, but was sticking to it for almost 2 years, during that time I could able to work on my strengths and weaknesses, thanks to my close friend and mentor. That’s the only good thing happened to me in that organization. Though your in bad position/situation there are some good/positive things happening around you, try to look at them and grab them.

In an organization senior management dint bother about the career of junior executives who believed that their future is depended on that company.  So company producing loses dint bothered them, few sensed the alarm and quit. Since they were already in the senior management position and with lots of experience they could easily get another job or even they could start a company. We the junior team, were struggling. Dint knew what to do, my suggestions to develop that company was waste of time, it was not given any recognition and I could see the danger signal in front of me. Asking me, what am I going to do ? Then I was thinking on the door which would soon open for me, since this door is about to close. I could see no bright light ahead from this door. Now I am so happy that, I got an offer which I dint expect at all. That too, in one of  my favorite subject, Marketing. The timing was perfect, I got this offer in the right time. So again, I am satisfied that, the theory what I am following is absolutely perfect. We just need to think Positively, and everything would happen for a reason.

I am feeling rejuvenated after the Yercaud trip. I would definitely suggest a holiday at least once in  4 months. It could be even a short week end trip, I am sure that would help you to re energies your whole body along with your mind.  I feel this city life is so boring, not only because it spoils ones health, but also we don;t get to enjoy the nature. We are so obsessed with work, that we don;t give ourselves the time, where we can enjoy the scenic beauty of mother earth. Just for an example, the place I stay has lots of important and nice spots which could be enjoyed, but I never realized it. Dint bother to take a tour. But this holiday I promised myself to go to all the places, which I dint visit and now I am really happy that as promised I have covered almost all the places and I feel really rejuvenated.

I am loving it !