I call life as a mysterious one, each time I step into something, life teaches me a lesson out of it. Some people like the way it teaches, but some say its really a bad teacher. I fall into the first group of people who like the lessons. Its hard to digest, but at the end there is always something really nice to look upon.  People do say, when one door closes another one should open,  but at the first place why is it closing? this mysterious question is always unanswered.  So is this the law of nature? negatives and positives ? Matter and Anti matter ? Protons and anti protons

Present state of my life is revolving in same direction, sometimes it like my door has opened, after few months I feel that door has a very short passage way where I need to re look on the next door. I am finding these doors a lot of time in my journey of life. So are there many positives and negatives revolving around me ? or simply my life is taking hair-pin bends a lot of time ? The door which I am looking at right now, I suppose it has a good passage way where I don’t have to look for any more doors – hoping..

But what may happen, I am enjoying this life, there are lots of things that are yet to be seen by me, I am ready to face them… wow, it feels great to write after a long gap..Hope I don’t stop from now on..