Adding many states, is this really a needed one ? This question always peeps in my mind whenever I read the newspaper, since its always in the heading.. Telangana and all those Rao’s fasting or acting like fasting or whatever it means. Some 90+ MLA’s have already resigned and the speaker gets continuous resignation letters. Now even the speaker is thinking on resigning or I dont know if Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy is already resigned.

I also read the news that, there is a severe shortage of food supply to the state since all the means of transportation is on halt. Moreover, always crowded Tirupati Devasthanam is completely crowd-less 🙂 . Many outstation people are stuck , dont know what to do. Why this hungama all around ? Why can’t we be united ? No stop giving some lame reasons like, smaller the states more well its governed. Its not only the size of the state matters, its also those stupid religious issues matters the most. You need a separate state not just because it can be easily monitored or administered, since your so called religious group stay in that particular area, you need a separate state now. So that you can always win the election or you can always have your own mother tongue and keep uplifting only your community. Why  partiality to Telengana why not to Gorkhaland ? Gorkhas are been in this fight for so many years, but their request is not fulfilled, why only for Telengana ?

Some states or part of the states needs importance, if they are really backward, if there is no basic necessities or people are totally ignored, no economic development, then there is really a need to re look at the state level administration, like how these Gorkhas are facing problems. If a place like Hyderabad needs to be separated, I don’t know for what reason? Now almost entire states in India needs to be separated from their home states. Everyone needs a new state, TamilNadu needs a Vanniyar community state, Karnataka needs a separate state in north separating itself from Bangalore, Uttarpradesh needs Poorvanchal, Harit pradesh and Bundalkhand.

So whats the point behind this, is this only for development of India or for “their” own personal wish fulfillment ? What ever is the reason behind, I think we should think about other stuffs which are haunting us like economic development, Global warming, Education in India and so many other quality stuffs 😛

Wish to hear some great reviews on this topic, please pour your comments, lets brainstorm this x mas 🙂