You can ask me, why do your post is always on ” Life ” why not something else ? But, I am really fascinated with my life. It comes with new challenges and opportunities, so I always see my life as ” Mysterious One ” . I have tried and trying lots of new stuffs everyday, thinking something would come out of it. I can give some examples like, I never used to read books as such, every rule has an exemption so I used to “Study” rather “Read” my school text books. Now a Days, I see my hands holding new book each day, I am loving to read, even if its just a newspaper, I see it in a different paradigm now. Same way, I used to like photography but now especially today, I am loving it more. May be I will be using this hobby in more serious way. Somethings which I have never ever thought in my life is all coming to me now. I am loved by an angel, I am taken care by them, I am respected for what I am.

Do your commitments with dedication and love, the consequences of it will be like a scarecrow for fools and beacons for wise people. I have no regrets in my life now, I see it with great confidence and purity. I was constantly bogged down looking at my academics, but now I am not worried of it anymore. I know what I have learned in my practical life, I never saw them in school/college text books. I am great full for my angel who is constantly pushing me forward to do lots of new things, which I never used to think of.

I am sure, you will find the angel of your life in the right moment, never get bogged down due to the passing problems, face them with courage . After life is a Journey with a good experiences. Do pass on your take on life, I would love to  experience them. 🙂