Really, I am taken by surprise today after a small chit chat with my neighbor named, hmm lets keep it as “J” . He is in his 3rd and already he has some take on life, which he thinks “Cool”. We started our chat

Me: : Hey, aren’t you playing with them, you like cricket don’t you ?

J: Yeah, I like to play, but you see they are grown ups and they don’t take me..

Me: OK, what about your friends, aren’t they coming now to play with you ?

J: No, they will come only in the evenings

Then suddenly he remembers something and asked me, ” What is those children doing in your terrace on evenings ? ( my aunt takes tuition to some children at evenings )

Me: That’s tuition, they come to study.

J: Do you take that ?

Me: No, my aunt, she is interested in that.

Then all of sudden he got one more question to ask, ” What is your age ?”

Me: I told mine

J: So now you should be Choosing your girl, aren’t you ?

Me: Why do you ask this ?

J: Yeah ! That’s the age to choose your girl, whom you think you will marry.

Me: So, are you interested in Marriage ?

J: ME !! ??? No way, I need to lot of things b4 I get married.

It was a simple talk, but lots to be learned out of this.. First we should be aware that, we are not anymore in so called slow generation, we are marching forward with full speed entering the world with so many types of people. There were so many people who would think alike, but now there are so many people who think differently.

Actually we are in the middle of the battle, we are surrounded by the people who were “thinking alike” and those “think differently”, there are exception to every rule, there were so many thinkers who would think out of box even during those era where every body were thinking alike. They fought, they raised their voice, they supported their type people, but at the end they couldn’t raise their voice beyond certain boundaries.

I can’t take some beliefs which were followed from ages without questioning, I need an answer for it. In our community, we wont do the regular pooja which we do every morning, if there is any death in our family. Are we now against “God” or are we on strike ? Ok, if this is some bad thing happened to our family, then why don’t we do this pooja on even if there is any birth in our family ? Again we are on leave for 10 days … Now is this strike for good things happened to your family ? I don’t get the meaning behind this… Like this there are thousand things, which cant be answered but are followed.

I am not able to question them, since I am surrounded with those “alike thinkers”, I need a break now. I can’t take this. Though, we say ” untouchable”  is sin and now we don’t have them anymore, still I see this happening in a community in Mangalore, who call themselves as the proud ones or those who are also called as brahmins. These Tulu speaking people offer lot of homa’s and pooja’s for their own well being, and offer a good lunch or dinner following the ritual, but they don’t allow any “other” cast people to sit along with them and have the food. I have also witnessed it. The boy is asked to get up from the row and asked to come after these people had their food. Isn’t this also an act of Un-touch-ability ?

Still we are way behind doing all this spiritual things, which doesn’t needs any more growth. Its grown to its heights, please stop them. I am seeing them coming down slowly in cities, but I don’t know whats happening there in villages ? Still there are so many groups fighting for their caste and religion, everyone is brainwashed with this name called “Religion” and “God” . Or else why should  group of guys get agitated when Mr. Sachin told he is an Indian ? Still there should be lot of thoughts passed on to this.. will continue..