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Pleasant trip

Its been long time since I wrote anything in this space. Week after week, I was traveling. Its really a mind refreshment I can say, meeting different people, seeing new places, performing some new things ( for me it is 😀 ) wow, such a best way to spend time than merely sitting at home and watching TV 😀 I would strongly recommend one to visit Mantralaya, place where Sri Ragavendra’s Brindavan is situated. In Mantralaya, you will not be left alone, your thoughts will surround you with lots of new things, try it !!! The next place which I would recommend is Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, the universal temple. One could feel the difference when he/she sits inside the temple with silent mind.

We seldom understand the power of our silent mind, we can achieve anything and everything if we believe it. ” As one thinks, so does one become”- Sri Ramakrishna. Some small practices would def change one’s way of living and would bring an ocean of happiness to them.

If this simple thought is perceived with proper devotion, the whole world will have a new meaning of Life. ” Man/women find faults in others after bringing down his/her own mind to that level. Does anyone really lose anything by other’s criticism? The critic himself/herself suffers.”


Life is Love !! Share it !!

Yesterday morning we had a surprise guest at our home. When I woke up, and went to my kitchen for preparing my morning cup of boost, I heard a faint Meow Meow in the backyard. I realized it was a cry for help and immediately I went rushing towards it and found a cute little kitten stuck in between two huge flower pots. I tried to pull it out, but it was so scared it wasn’t allowing me to even touch it, so I pulled those pots to make a room for it to move or run. It was shivering from cold, so I kept milk and it regained some energy.

So now its ready to have its new home and new people 🙂 BTW, I am calling her as Ms. D right now, do you have any suggestions ?