I shouldn’t be saying all this, but sometimes I feel like writing it down somewhere and my first writing always happens here, should this be of any good I really don’t know since, we (myself and my close friend) had a very good reasoning and questioning on “Should we put our photos on “Facebook/Orkut” or should the status be updated in facebook,twitter ? Am I doing any justice on writing this on wordpress? Some questions are tough to answer, aren’t they ?

My question to my friend was this ” We tend to update our status in FB and Twitter regularly, are there any motive behind this ? Okay, we might update it for friends sake, then why not mail them or call them? Are we trying to be in lime light by updating only the best messages or the best things happening to ourselves? I rarely see any sad,dull or dejected messages…

We are so happy playing farmville, are we really interested in farming? We don’t find any good places when we are in our domicile, but when we go “Abroad” our album will be loaded with those places. Is this a method used to “Show-off” ? A person is forced to update his/her status if he/she is in the limelight, or else he/she will be questioned, same thing happens in blogging too, if we find some comments flowing, we are forced to write some thing, aren’t we ? 😀

This is really a great way to have some psychological problem, you will be dejected if you don’t find any friends or you will be dejected if you don’t get any comments or liking or blah blah.. this was my friends argument, and I really appreciate the way of thinking in this.. that’s really true, people’s mentality can change just by looking on your friends updates… for example: A person with great career will be boasting their life, and a person having some trouble with the career will find this little demotivating, since the later is no way lesser than the former. 60% holder will be called first class and 59.4 will be called second class… What a funny world 😀