Oh my ! After long time, I am writing something here… its been a great and fruitful time for me visiting too many places in a short span of time. This part of my life is teaching me some great lessons, how to lead a life alone, how to survive in a new place, how to get along with a team, how to manage the work and lots more. Its indeed very tough to be alone, thats what I have understood after this,( ” Happiness is always  to be SHARED” with your loved ones.)

In ones life, everyone should or will pass this stage, they have to live alone far from their loved ones, either during their college days, or during their work ( which is the hectic one, I can say ! ) or at their end of their life ( this is more dangerous ).

In our work life, we keep thinking on how to balance the company’s balance sheet, asset – liability balancing, but we forget or ignore our own family balancing, life-work balancing which is the base for every strong building ( life ), most of our time (in 24 hours)  we spend in office ( which i think is too much ) 7-8 hrs is sufficient, but this never happen, when we are back home, if the family balancing is not good, how can we have a peaceful sleep ?

Oh god, is this a curse on humans ? why are we running behind this materialistic life ? why is now, money is more important than anything else ? Is money everything ? then where is love ? we often forget this ” we are here in this earth just for a while”  so why don’t we do which we like, why cant we stay with our loved ones, why we are always judged for our acts?

I would say only one thing, life is very short each minute counts, so being with your loved ones is more important !