We always have this habit of “Adjusting” in our life, now for me its become an habit. Why is it, we need to “adjust” when we don’t have to ? Why are we forced to “adjust” ? When we don’t get what we want, we tell  ourselves to get adjusted with what we have, why isn’t we need what we want at the first place ? When i wish to have a pleasant drive from office to home, I wont get it, thanks to world Tamil meet which is scheduled in June, which is a big problem for everyone in Coimbatore.

There are lot(s) of things which are happening in Coimbatore now, the sole reason – World Tamil classical meet. let me give you my own example, with just one reason – the chain of events affecting my lifestyle. There are plenty of such things.

1. I don’t get enough sleep, forced to get up – Power cut for 3 hours ( 6 to 9 )

2. Consequence of 1st point – I cant cook food with my induction stove, so need to leave early so that i can finish my breakfast and reach office.

3. Consequence of 2nd pont – Since i need to eat outside, its unnecessary spending thanks to inflation 🙂

4. Consequence of 3rd point – Always need to keep an eye on my spending on other stuff, which i feel is also important.

5. Consequence of 4th point – Always leaves an impression that, why I am not able to spend on other stuffs ?

6. Consequence of 5h point – Same question repeats, why isn’t we get what we want at the first place.

Now tell me, is it fair to get adjusted with this power cut ? am I not paying the necessary taxes or current charges ? Then why I am forced to undergo such menace ? I don’t have a voice which can be loud enough or strong enough to reach the CM.

So the final answer is to shut up and get adjusted. It happens always… to be continued