Lot of time, I keep thinking about this: Is this the career I wanted ? shouldnt I be a cricketer? Photographer? I dont know the answer yet. Sometimes my friend keeps saying to me, “G you should ve become a cricketer man! you missed it boy!” this keeps hitting my mind always..

Did he was right? may be I should’ve given a shot? but lot of time, my mind says NO and yeah its a big NO to it. In India and especially in south India and again especially in tamil nadu you are not encouraged by BCCI. You rarely see any of the south Indian to be in Indian cricket team. Is it wrong for a good cricketer to be born and brought up in tamilnadu? Why is this politics happening in every sort of a game. If you have good money or you have good recommendations then you get a chance to get what you like. Either its in sports or college seat or even getting your case to be won in the court. Yeah you read it correct, even if you need your case to be won you need money.

Sometimes this make me to think more, though we are in the second rank ( we are even sayin this proudly) in world population, why we are not able to pick the best squad for our cricket team? why dont we give importance to our national game hockey? why those players lose thier form immideatly after they sign up for an ad? When government gives importance to cricket than hockey, why arent they giving the same importance to women;s cricket? though they ve won the Asia cup in 2004,05,06 and 08? In 2009 this year, this team has reached the 3rd place in the world cup. you can see a brief report about Indian women;s team here. Its sometimes gets annoying to see the public getting agitated (throwing stones at the house, buring the effigy’s) if our cricket players dont perform well. They want them to perform consistently 24x7x365 is that possible?

why there is a differentiation between mens and womens cricket? why no proper management for the selection of players? why the govt is not agreeing to open their ears and eyes to other forms of games? Why is it we are not able to get good players for Olympics? Their is a huge potential out there, who given chance could bring home equal or more number of gold medals what china or US takes home. Why isnt there any special university or college for Sports where people could get trained by professionals and encourage those students to particiapte in Olympics and other world events. Its high time, our government should think about this. But when? how? why? who? question remains a question no matter what.

I am not able to figure out the answers for these questions by myself. If any of you guys could give your views and suggestions, it would be great. Use the comment section below and pour your views and comments. I will be happy to read them.