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Adjusting the way of life

We always have this habit of “Adjusting” in our life, now for me its become an habit. Why is it, we need to “adjust” when we don’t have to ? Why are we forced to “adjust” ? When we don’t get what we want, we tell  ourselves to get adjusted with what we have, why isn’t we need what we want at the first place ? When i wish to have a pleasant drive from office to home, I wont get it, thanks to world Tamil meet which is scheduled in June, which is a big problem for everyone in Coimbatore.

There are lot(s) of things which are happening in Coimbatore now, the sole reason – World Tamil classical meet. let me give you my own example, with just one reason – the chain of events affecting my lifestyle. There are plenty of such things.

1. I don’t get enough sleep, forced to get up – Power cut for 3 hours ( 6 to 9 )

2. Consequence of 1st point – I cant cook food with my induction stove, so need to leave early so that i can finish my breakfast and reach office.

3. Consequence of 2nd pont – Since i need to eat outside, its unnecessary spending thanks to inflation 🙂

4. Consequence of 3rd point – Always need to keep an eye on my spending on other stuff, which i feel is also important.

5. Consequence of 4th point – Always leaves an impression that, why I am not able to spend on other stuffs ?

6. Consequence of 5h point – Same question repeats, why isn’t we get what we want at the first place.

Now tell me, is it fair to get adjusted with this power cut ? am I not paying the necessary taxes or current charges ? Then why I am forced to undergo such menace ? I don’t have a voice which can be loud enough or strong enough to reach the CM.

So the final answer is to shut up and get adjusted. It happens always… to be continued


How easy to barge Sania Mirza’s House?

Sometimes, you get to see lots of funny stuffs in and around you, don’t you? Yeah! I came across an interesting and also a silly news today morning when I was reading the news paper. A silly fan of Sania Mirza was caught when he barged into her house in Banjara hills. Some of the news bits:

“A youngster from Kerala, who had been allegedly sending text messages seeking ace tennis player Sania Mirza’s hand in marriage, landed behind the bars after he barged into her house in Banjara Hills here on Tuesday night, the police said.”

Somehow he managed to get the mobile number of Sania Mirza’s dad Imran Mirza and kept flooding sms’s to him, saying he wants to get married to her. After he came to know about her engagement, he asked her dad to reconsider the plan. how silly he can get? Later he said in one of his sms that, he would come directly to his place to talk to Sania.

This is really crazy isin’t ?

Mc Donald’s Chennai Entry

Today, I came across a beautiful and more innovative branding activity by McDonald’s here in Chennai. All the metros had atleast one McDonald’s, but Chennai was an exception but now, after a long wait ie: after 11 years of their first outlet in Delhi, they came to Chennai, they are planning to open one in Coimbatore too. You can read the story here. Also there is an interesting story here, where they auctioned one burger for INR 400,000,  they did this for a good cause. All the money was given to charity.

Now they are opening one more outlet in Chennai. Its coming up in Anna Nagar. According to some sources, opening date is 4th of July ( That’s today! 😀 Yey!).

Good initiative by McDonald, (look at the pic) they placed a huge Mc Donald’s clown at the top of the building which is visible to everyone.  The interesting part is, it waves its right hand 😉 ha ha sounds funny thou, thats really innovative.

I shot with my mobile, when I was waiting at that signal today. Isnt this cute?

070409095427 The Side effect: Lot of bikers were constantly looking at this even when they were driving. this is really dangerous, it diverts your concentration. This was the main reason for the state government  to remove all the banner ads in and around Chennai city.

I would like to see some good innovative ideas coming up. Yey!

Chennai you always Rock!

Crow at its best !

What do you say for this? Today afternoon, as usual I was hungry looked up the time and it was 10 past 1. Usually I have my lunch by 12 50 – 13 00 hrs. Today I had to get the lunch from nearby hotel as I didn’t cook nor my mom is at home. So took my bike left for the hotel and ordered for some lime rice, which is the only food I like in that hotel. To my surprise that hotel was full today beyond expectations. So I had no other option but to wait. After standing in “Q” for long time, I got my chance to pay and get the token. Went to the parcel counter gave the token and within 2 min I got my parcel, the waiter saw the surprise face of mine and laughed at me. It’s really a good customer delight experience. I feel all the service industries should have a good customer delight strategies in place to retain their customers and bring in more.

Now is the funny thing happened, I took my parcel and started my bike and put a U turn and was driving towards my office. Even the Indian army’s rocket launchers can’t be that accurate, but this damn crow launched its dirty thing straight to my left arm. What can I say for this? I remembered one of my friend’s words, if such things happen we have to think it’s a good sign and good things will happen the next day. Now I am seriously thinking is this true? Such things really happen?  If at all some good things is to happen, why it has to wait till the next day? This stinky thing happened today and it wants me to wait till tomorrow?

Anyways next time I need to be little more cautious while driving, any missile can attack me even from top 😀

Smart Card – Is it important now ?

New gadgets have come to our city ! will this be a hit? For that we need to wait and watch. Some lines from the press release: 

” Each card will have two features – visual inspection and machine readability. The embedded micro chip on each card can store electronic data and execute commands which can be read and updated, using terminals and devices.” 

“Explaining the special features of the new system, the official release said this would help in elimination of use of bogus driving licences and fake registration certificates (RC). The data entered into the cards could not be erased. Only additions could be made. Details regarding offences or violation of laws committed by vehicle drivers would be recorded on the cards. Only authorised officials would be able to access the data.”

If James bond comes here, he will be suprised to see that, everyone here are so tech savy 😀

Convenience or Laziness ?

Nowdays, I feel convenience is the key word for most people. If you can provide any service which will be convienient for customers or any people, you will win in the industry. Just for an example, today I had to book a ticket to a place and back again. I had this great opportunity to sit in front of my laptop and just log on to this site and using the power of netbanking I could book the ticket in the comfort of my office ambience. Even though I had to pay extra for this service, it dint bother me. It saved my time, energy and more over the most important thing and god of all ” petrol” 

It is good business for these banks and for Indian railways when they charge extra 20 to 25 rupees as service charge.They are making good money even if you calculate a mesely 200 people booking tickets through the net. So from this what I learnt is to start a business relating to areas which make people lazy, as they would’nt mind paying extra to attain that service. 

Now I will start thinkin as to what business to start… if someone looks at this blog, please share your thoughts, may be we can start it together.;)

Journey to M’lore – part 1

Everything is ready now for me to leave. I finished packing my clothes and my mom is ready with her luggage. I am really excited about this vaccation, may be coz its beeeeeeeeen a very long time since I had been in a vacation mood. I really need a long break, but this trip is only for a week. Lucky enf to get leave for 3 days from my Company.

Already my cousins have planned what we are going to do there, BTW I dint mention why I am going to my native rte? Its for a marriage function in Mangalore. My cute lil sister is getting married. She is really cute and Charming, very silent in nature, never talks but when she does she keeps going on n on. Anyways, back to my trip. One of my cousin will be missing this marriage coz he is already out of his place and may be will be in Jaipur now with his school friends. My cute lil sister was very angry, but my bro managed :D. 

I feel such functions creates lots of things, for people like me its really a good time to relax and think something else apart from the same old topics. People like my mom, its really a good time to gossip 😛 and people like my cousins its really good time to have fun. There are other people like my aunts, who finds this the rte time to gossip on the colours/designs of the saree and necklace, whereas for my uncles this will be the best time to stay little far from thier wife 😀

Anyways, the worst part of this function for me will be getting up very early on the marriage day. Only then I can stand atleast 3rd or 4th in the “Q” for the shower. If i miss them, I will have to bare the embarresment of having shower at the last and rest all people already ready with their new dresses and waiting for me near the car door. Really that wil be the worst nightmare in my life, so i always get up early. 

Its so boring to sit in the train for 17 hours. I rem me going to Mumbai in train, it was worst, I think I was sitting there for more than 26 hours.. lucky I had an acquaintance, still it was boring. This time I dont want to kill time doing nothin, I am taking Dan brown’s Deception point along with me :D.

I am leaving tom and will be back next monday.. will come back and update rest of the story