After reading my earlier post , you might have some insights on how to choose the right Ad agencies, but this post will tell you why one should concentrate more on brand logo’s.  Have a look at this pic for a moment England 2012 olympic logo. Now guys give me your honest feed back for this logo. Do you think the brand managers or the ad agencies have done thier home work? If you haven’t looked at those rings, will your wild guess would be on olympics? Does this colour attract you ?

Photo Courtesy: Branding Strategy Insider

My comment: This is not a good work, when some event this sort happening in London by 2012, they should’ve thought on  more attractive logo. It could’ve been more simpler in design, there are unnecessary zig zag curves, I am not able to understand why is that for? any comments on that ? Overall, I feel when London is hosting the olympics after 68 odd years, they should have done some thing more.. Olympics deserves it, dont it? your feedbacks, comments are welcome.