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World at its best – But save now !!

There is lot of talks happening at Copenhagen, are we listening to them ? or is anything happening there, few may ask. I would say, more than Copenhagen it should happen at every place, starting from your home. We first need to come out of our ego, that its not only our world there are few others sharing it with us.

Some simple things can change lot of things, we cant see the change unless we change ourselves. This idea of walking came into me few days back and now I am following it very strictly. I agree, this walking dint start on this purpose but now as I am aware of so many things on global warming and its effects, I have started to see the change in me in order to see the change in others. You too can feel the difference when you start walking for the nearby stores or for a radius of 2 kms to 3kms which will save a lot of fuel and carbon emission not only that you can stay fit 🙂

Thanks to energy efficient appliances, try using them they make wonders in energy consumption, I have already planned to change my old time tube lights which would roughly consume 40 to 50 watts of electricity to some LED kind of lights which has the same power but which would use 6 watts to 16 watts. There are more better ideas like using CFL ( Compact Fluorescent Lamp) but it would cost little bit extra but worth it !

I am lucky in one way to have my mom at home, she keeps telling me to switch off the fan or lights when not used 😛 , if you don’t have anyone at home to remind you about this, now start to put this in your “things to do” list immediately. It saves more electricity than you imagine, you know it can light up a whole village.  I think,  Chennites shouldn’t worry about lights at morning, we always have sun shining on us 🙂 I always recommend to shake hands with nature and get along with it.

Investing in alternative energy is always better and safe way to live. Think of solar powered heaters, solar powered lights and much more. There are plenty of solar powered appliances, start investing on it than on some hi tech music system or running 3 to 4 air conditioners together.

We have started this war against nature, now we are facing serious threats. Now we should act cleverly. Its easier to destroy this planet but think what will happen to our younger generation or the generations yet to come ? What wrong have they done to us or to this very planet ? Not only to human race, there are so many animals gone extinct because of this.  A lot of things can happen, summers getting longer, Crops getting damaged due to sudden change in weather, Earths atmosphere is getting more un-predictable by more rains at some places and lots more like melting of ice and rivers overflowing etc..

we need  to think seriously, we need to get united and face this than saying,” hey! this is not for us”, some big people are talking something at Copenhagen and they would come up with some solutions. If we don’t co-operate with those leaders then how can they bring some solutions? Just think about it… a food for thought 😉


Facebook weds SMS

Good News for Facebook fans in India. Recently Facebook has inked a deal with an Indian SMS service company called GupShup, the advantage from this deal is, Facebook users can register their mobile phone and update thier status through SMS from anywhere in India. Earlier, this can be done only if your using TATA Indicom or either through GPRS or using internet from your smart phones.

In India, most of the people dont use smartphones, but the SMS is used like crazy. Almost 90% of the users know how to send sms from their phone. Facebook has also made is very simple, people cant forget the number to which they need to send the update. (9232232665) you can read it in another way (92FACEBOOK) simple isnt it ?

How to activate the service?

You need to log on your Facebook account, go to settings and then to mobile. You can register your mobile number by choosing “Other Carrier”. You would be receiving a SMS with an activation code, you need to enter this code and done. Now you will receive an another sms with some tips on how to use this service.

When you need to update your Status, just type your status like how to send a SMS then use this number (9232232665) you can see your update updated in your profie. You can edit the prefrence in the settings tab.

How to Deactivate the service?

Just send a msg “Stop” to the same number, simple !

Some words from the director of Mobile from Facebook “Henri Moissinacm, “We realize how important it is to work with great companies in the mobile space in countries like India, and by enabling Facebook on SMS, users can now use it even when they’re not near a computer.”

I am sure, VAS is the next big thing in the Indian Mobile market. Watch out for more interesting news ! Do pass on your feedback on this service.

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Customer Satisfaction a “Wow” story !

Customer satisfaction is very important for any company, where Service is the main product. Like, Salon, library, hotels etc. It was a wow moment for me today when I received a mail from British Council Library. If you had been to British Council recently you must have seen their new advanced book lending and returning system. British Council is using the technology to its benefit. British Council is already providing free Wi-Fi for all the people who visit the library, I always like to go there sit in the bean bag relax and surf the net.

On the new system; customers need not have to wait for their turn standing in the Q for borrowing the book. Instead, they can go to the kiosk which is placed inside the library and borrow the books without any glitch. All they have to do is place the books on the glass surface along with your British Council membership card, the reader automatically reads the information using the RFID technology. The user can see the options in the screen and select “borrow”, thats it! you get a printed slip as an acknowledgment. It doesn’t end there, when you need to return the book, they have arranged a drop box at the entrance, you just need to drop the books and reader gets the information using the same technology.

I was really satisfied today, when I received a mail from British Council acknowledging that the books has been returned. This simple mail creates alot of values. This is what I say ” the human touch” no matter what kind of sophasticated machines and technologies this cant be ignored. People would love to get this human touch when its needed. This human touch can be of any form, a personal email directed to the cutomer individually, meeting the customer directly, giving  a call and talking to the customers etc.

This in a way helps the customer to break the ice with the company or vice versa. There can also be a mental block, which keeps saying in the customers mind that, “may be this company doesnt have any sales or customer support guys, its always on IVR“. Where there is no interaction in the interactive voice response, its always one way talking.

Bottomline: Make use the technologies as much as you can, but when it comes to human interaction please dont hide from the customers. A simple mail can do wonders. Plan for a good customer support. You might have planned exceptionally but you might have missed out tiny details, you dont have a second chance to rectify. First Impression is always the best Impression.

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Solar Eclipse makes Astrologers day !

Now this is a great chance for all the astrologers out there to make good money. Few have already made their statements about the upcoming solar eclipse.

“Raj Kumar Sharma, an astrologer in Mumbai, described July 22 as a “very dangerous moment in the universe,” with the blocking of the sun’s rays akin to a disease or virus”

We are so proud to talk about Chandrayan mission, which is one of the milestone achievement for ISRO. Astrologers aren’t happy about this at all. They are worried about the after effects of such activities. This debate keeps continuing all the ages, no matter how much we are developing. Even if we prove to  those astrologers, they wont accept their faults about blind superstition. There are lots of blind superstition been followed on this day. They say not to drink water or eat any food during that time and the reason is “In Hindu mythology, the two demons Rahu and Ketu are said to “swallow” the sun during eclipses, snuffing out its life-giving light and causing food to become inedible and water undrinkable.” Indians and Chinese have the high level of superstition, here is what they think about Solar Eclipse.

Superstition has always haunted the moment when Earth, Moon and Sun are perfectly aligned. The daytime extinction of the Sun, the source of all life, is associated with war, famine, flood and the death or birth of rulers.

Desperate for an explanation, the ancient Chinese blamed a Sun-eating dragon. The Vikings believed the culprits were two giant wolves, Skoll and Hati, which chased the Sun around the sky. Among Indians in South America, an eclipse was simply, terrifyingly, “the Eye of God.”

There is one astrologer is Mumbai, who has predicted ” “some sort of attack by (Kashmiri separatists) Jaish-e-Mohammad or Al-Qaeda on Indian soil” and a devastating natural disaster in Southeast Asia.” Some people are really crazy about prediction, they predict every damn thing. How this is related to solar eclipse? or is these guys are giving a room for such terrorist to think about this?  Some people they dont change, but atleast they can keep thier mouth shut.

Some companies are trying to cash this opportunity. You must have heard about Cox and kings, who are providing a chartered flight trip to see the solar eclipse.

Travel firm Cox and Kings has chartered a Boeing 737-700 aircraft to give people the chance to see the eclipse from 41,000 feet (12,500 metres).

Experts will be on board to explain it to passengers, some of whom have paid 79,000 rupees (1,600 dollars) for a “sun-side” seat on the three-hour flight from New Delhi.

Some Interesting facts about this Eclipse:

*Total solar eclipses occur when the moon comes between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring the sun.

*At its maximum, this will last six minutes and 39 seconds — a duration that will not be matched until the year 2132.

*The up to 258-kilometre- (161-mile-) wide shadow cast along the “path of totality” will first make landfall on the western Indian state of Gujarat shortly before 6:30am (0100 GMT).

*It then races across India, blacking out the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, squeezing between the northern and southern tips of Bangladesh and Nepal before engulfing most of Bhutan, traversing the Chinese mainland and slipping back out to sea off Shanghai.

*Any given spot on Earth’s surface will host a total eclipse on average once every 375 years.

*The next will be on July 11 2010, but will occur almost entirely over the South Pacific, where Easter Island — home of the legendary moai giant statues — will be one of the few landfalls.

Be prepared:

Eclipses, even partial ones, should NOT be viewed with the naked eye or through binoculars, a telescope, beer bottle or photographic film, as this can permanently damage the retina. Observers should use proper optical filters such as welding-goggle glass, eclipse spectacles or a solar projection kit for their telescope. The safest way to view is on television or the Internet.

Credit: Physorg

‘Excel’lent way to tweet

I got a good news for all those souls who aren’t allowed to tweet at thier will while working in a Multi national Companies. Some companies doesnt allow thier employees to access some social media websites like Facebook, Twittter. So what do these desperate souls who love Twitter will do? Find a way to tweet without going to the site. So a guy called ElliotKember used his brilliance in bringing up a tool, by which you can start tweeting without logging into the site.


Well, if you guys get caught while tweeting, I am not responsible. You will be doing this at your own risk.

Here is the tool:

The tool developed by ElliottKember, where you can tweet without logging into Twitter and the big plus point is, this tool resembles like an Excel. So even when your tweeting, it will look as if you are working on some excel sheet. 🙂 Look at the screenshot below to see how this works. Now you def want to try?

screenshot2This tool can be run using Adobe Air installer. Now if you are ready to download you can go ahead and click this link. Make sure, you don’t violate any of your company policies.

You can pass on the information to your friends, who might be looking out for such an application. Have fun ! you can follow me @thefrozenhands and happy tweeting.

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Mars Science Lab Rover has my name in it !

Do you guys need your name to be included with  others on a microchip on the mars science lab rover heading to Mars in 2011 ? yes, its true. If you like your name to be added, you have to just go here give in your name, country and  zip code, all done.

NasaYour name will be registered and you will be given a certificate like this, may be you can take a print out.

NASA has actually been doing this before, for example, you could have sent your name to Mars with the Phoenix rover.

Abandonment Reasons revealed

In my earlier post, I had written about the abandonment rates and then remarketing to those people, who had left your website. Now I would like to throw some light on ” Why there is abdonment?”  Why is that people tend to leave your site at the last moment. Here are some data’s:

  • 46% of online shoppers said high shipping charges were a “very important reason” for emptying carts.

Now you guys have to think innovatively how to solve this problem. Now everyone are trying to reduce thier expenses. So any user generic discounts can be given, like people who shop more than $X they are entitiled to get “free shipping”

  • Want to compare with other shops – 37% ( People tend to compare and buy the product, so when they go away from your site, some history has to be saved, so that when they return to you site, they dont have to start from the scratch. May be the page previous to the billing information can be saved)
  • Lack of Money – 36% ( this is were your pricing comes in, do you have a killer price then do offer it)
  • Want to shop Offline – 26% ( People tendency is that, they would love to shop offline, may be with their family members or friends. So do you offer your product offline too? if you do, then your doing really good.)
  • Couldnt find the preferred pay option – 24%( haha, there are so many reasons people find in your site, dont they ? well, you need to double check with all the payment gateways, if they are all working fine with different kinds of cards. Now a days some companies are also accepting debit cards, thats something good news to me! 🙂 )
  • Items unavailable – 23% (Oh dear god, this shouldnt happen at all, this will take away all the trust which was there with your company, need to have a serious look at this.)
  • Couldnt find customer support – 22% ( This is a must, I can say. When people are lost, they should be guided. So place the customer support numbers, email id etc prominentely on almost all the pages throught the check out process.)
  • Security Concerns – 21% ( Security is again very important, customers are sharing their vital info like credit card numbers, PIN, etc. So security shouldnt be compromised.

Courtesy: grokdotcom