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Customer Satisfaction a “Wow” story !

Customer satisfaction is very important for any company, where Service is the main product. Like, Salon, library, hotels etc. It was a wow moment for me today when I received a mail from British Council Library. If you had been to British Council recently you must have seen their new advanced book lending and returning system. British Council is using the technology to its benefit. British Council is already providing free Wi-Fi for all the people who visit the library, I always like to go there sit in the bean bag relax and surf the net.

On the new system; customers need not have to wait for their turn standing in the Q for borrowing the book. Instead, they can go to the kiosk which is placed inside the library and borrow the books without any glitch. All they have to do is place the books on the glass surface along with your British Council membership card, the reader automatically reads the information using the RFID technology. The user can see the options in the screen and select “borrow”, thats it! you get a printed slip as an acknowledgment. It doesn’t end there, when you need to return the book, they have arranged a drop box at the entrance, you just need to drop the books and reader gets the information using the same technology.

I was really satisfied today, when I received a mail from British Council acknowledging that the books has been returned. This simple mail creates alot of values. This is what I say ” the human touch” no matter what kind of sophasticated machines and technologies this cant be ignored. People would love to get this human touch when its needed. This human touch can be of any form, a personal email directed to the cutomer individually, meeting the customer directly, giving  a call and talking to the customers etc.

This in a way helps the customer to break the ice with the company or vice versa. There can also be a mental block, which keeps saying in the customers mind that, “may be this company doesnt have any sales or customer support guys, its always on IVR“. Where there is no interaction in the interactive voice response, its always one way talking.

Bottomline: Make use the technologies as much as you can, but when it comes to human interaction please dont hide from the customers. A simple mail can do wonders. Plan for a good customer support. You might have planned exceptionally but you might have missed out tiny details, you dont have a second chance to rectify. First Impression is always the best Impression.

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Abandonment to Re-marketing

There are so many online stores now, you can buy anything to everything on this world wide web. This in turn brings good amount of work for the “Web analysts”, who then starts investigating, Churning millions of data’s. When you enter a hyper mall and just do window shopping, there are very few chances that you will be noticed by shop owners. Unless you have been given a membership card, with advance RFID or something like that. But when you go to an online store, start from your landing page ” Your Watched” !

Web analyst can track your movements like, what page are you viewing, which page attracted you, are you shopping or just looking at videos etc.. This would help the analyst and the web owner to optimise the web site in accordance to the customer’s view point.

But the issue is, abandonment rate. well let me explain by an example. If I go to and start browsing for say a novel ” ABC”  and then I find that novel and then I add it to my cart, then while filling up the required information, suddenly I drop this idea of buying and leave and go to some other site or just close the window. This is called abandonment. Not necessary that, only if you drop the idea of buying is called abandonment, even when i set the conversion or rule as filling up the form, survey or subscribing to my newsletter and in the final stage you dont finish the rule.Its the same.

There is a report that, if we remarket to those who have abandon the cart within a day or even better on the same day, then there are chances that people would come back and finish the process. If we do it, after 3 days the chances is very less.

Forrester reports that an immediate follow up to an abandonment (within 30 minutes) of an abandonment would generate a staggering 89% open rate, and conversion of 26%.

Here is a small chart which explains by itself:

Email response rates chart

Source: Website Conversion